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Whether he went on with the diary, or whether he did not go on with it, made no difference. The Thought Police would get him just the same. - George Orwell
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.@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode126 - #Goldmine

Sat, 2014-09-13 23:14

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode126 - Goldmine which features brand new sounds from Kimbra, Strand of Oaks, Landlady, Rural Alberta Advantage, Fool's Gold, Woman's Hour, Greylag, Robyn Hitchcock, The Rosebuds, Anand Wilder and Maxwell Kardon, The Barr Brothers, Kinky Machine, Maria Isa and Naomi Punk...


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♬Liner Notes♬: We've got a "Goldmine" of great new music this week, but unlike the lyrics in our title track - we're gonna share it with everyone! We've got the latest sounds from Kimbra, Greylag, Maria Isa, Robyn Hitchcock, Strand of Oaks, Barr Brothers, Rosebuds and much more...

'The Golden Echo'
Warner Bros., 2014
Notes: "After the global success of "Somebody That I Used to Know," her Grammy-winning duet with Gotye, Kimbra could have worked with anyone; on The Golden Echo, it feels like she worked with almost everyone. Along with producer Rich Costey, her collaborators include members of the Mars Volta, Muse, Foster the People, and Silverchair, as well as John Legend and Bilal. Having so many guests with so many different backgrounds could have resulted in a scattered mess, or pushed Kimbra out of the spotlight, but her sense of adventure puts her signature on even the most kaleidoscopic moments... effortlessly she hops from the trap-inspired minimal R&B of "Goldmine"..." We featured this as one of our "Albums of the Day" this week, as well.

Strand of Oaks
"Shut In"
Dead Oceans, 2014
Notes: "Our interview with Strand Of Oaks shed some light on the personal turmoil behind HEAL, but if you want a condensed version of what Timothy Showalter was going through while making the LP, check out the new song he revealed today. Whereas “Goshen ’97” was a deeply nostalgic and sentimental take on staying inside with only music to keep you company, “Shut In” is a righteously raw depiction of the same circumstances several difficult years, broken relationships, and debilitating addictions later. No J Mascis this time, but Showalter’s guitar solo soars anyhow."

"Girl" (Live On KUTX)
'Upright Behavior'
Hometapes, 2014
Notes: "Brooklyn's Adam Schatz is putting his NYU music degree to good use, playing with Man Man, Sleigh Bells, Those Darlins, and a half-dozen other bands. Landlady allows him to truly stretch out, mixing R&B with indie rock." They just played here a few weeks ago as part of MusicFestNW.

Rural Alberta Advantage
'Mended With Gold'
Saddle Creek, 2014
Notes: "Canadian indie rockers the Rural Alberta Advantage have announced their highly anticipated third album, their first since 2011. “Terrified” is the first single off the album, and it’s everything this fan hoped it would be, delivering that exuberant sadness that’s so prevalent in the RAA’s music. It sounds like it should be scoring the love montage in an indie film, unapologetically proclaiming that love is quite awesome, but also quite scary, you know? The RAA know."

Fool's Gold
"I'm In Love"
Grand Gallop, 2014
Notes: "LA’s own Fool's Gold settled down after extensive touring to write a new album and we’re excited to share an exclusive premiere of their first single "I'm In Love"" There's also a sweet remix by Poolside, too!

Woman's Hour
"Darkest Place"
'Darkest Place/Thunder'
Luv Luv Luv, 2014
Notes: "We first heard from Woman’s Hour when they remixed Pure Bathing Culture’s “Pendulum.” “Darkest Place” is their forthcoming single out on Luv Luv Luv Records and, despite its name, is bright and lovely indie-pop with sweeping, warm synths."

"Yours To Shake"
Dead Oceans, 2014
Notes: "“Another,” the first track Portland folk-rockers Greylag shared from their self-titled debut album, left me thinking about Led Zeppelin at their most folksy as filtered through Fleet Foxes at their most muscular. “Yours To Shake,” the album’s second single, does not shake those references but expands upon them, trading the previous track’s rustic tones for big, brooding, vintage Pac-NW indie-rock a la Death Cab and Band Of Horses. “What’s it worth to ya?” they sing. “Say you wanna feel the fire but you don’t wanna get burned?” The riffs are gnarly too, in case you forgot these guys can really play. Prepare for Greylag’s world domination..."

Robyn Hitchcock
"Somebody To Break Your Heart"
'The Man Upstairs'
Yep Roc, 2014
Notes: "The Man Upstairs sees Hitchcock uniting with legendary producer Joe Boyd (Nick Drake, Fairport Convention) for one of the most unique recordings of his already quite idiosyncratic career. Rather than simply record a new selection of songs, Boyd suggested what he called ‘a Judy Collins album’ such as Elektra would have released in 1967 – part well-known favorites, part personal discoveries, and part originals. The multi-tiered approach offered Hitchcock the rare opportunity to record as a performer, not “just another singer-songwriter laying their freshest eggs.”"

The Rosebuds
"In My Teeth"
'Sand + Silence'
Western Vinyl, 2014
Notes: "Formed in Raleigh in the early 2000s, The Rosebuds’ melodic indie rock is fueled by the complex chemistry of singer/guitarist Ivan Howard and keyboardist/vocalist Kelly Crisp... Today’s featured song, “In My Teeth”, moves with the kind of understated tension that drives the Rosebuds best work... " A band we had relegated to b-side status until this episode, The Rosebuds also recently came through town and played a show at my day job.

Anand Wilder and Maxwell Kardon
'Break Line'
Secretly Canadian, 2014
Notes: "Break Line The Musical is a new project from Anand Wilder (Yeasayer co-founder, vocalist/multi-instrumentalist) that he created with Maxwell Kardon and a community of friends. The new album harkens back to rock concept albums of the early 70′s with this following the classic arc of lost love, betrayal, and pride." What a great, big soul sound!

Barr Brothers
"Even The Darkness Has Arms"
'Sleeping Operator'
Secret City, 2014
Notes: "Meditative and explosive, The Barr Brothers create unique orchestrations and used a variety of instruments for their long-anticipated album. Today's Top Tune is a catchy song with a great title, it's "Even The Darkness Has Arms"." I had the chance to interview the Barr Brothers recently at my aforementioned day job!

Kinky Machine
"Last Look"
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Kinky Machine describes its music as “postmodern garage juju.”... The Austin band takes bits and pieces from all over the musical map: a bit of soul/R&B, a little arena rock, some Radiohead-like atmosphere. They’ve been quietly bubbling under for a few years with a couple of EPs and singles under their collective belts. This week sees the release of Kinky Machine’s debut album, the self-produced Grok. It’s another unclassifiable beast that’s capable of both quiet beauty and guitar-hero theatrics. “Last Look” kicks the record off with a danceable beat and synths, but the constant change of tone will keep you on your toes."

Maria Isa
'Valley of the Dolls'
SotaRico, 2014
Notes: "The Latina hip-hop singer, rapper, and performance artist found some time between filming upcoming indie movie Strike One and touring with hip-hop duo Villa Rosa to record her first solo album in five years. Partly inspired by the 1966 book and 1967 film of the same name, Valley of the Dolls explores the challenges women face in the entertainment industry... Valley of the Dolls marks a re-emergence onto the Twin Cities music scene for Isa, who earned acclaim for her first two albums—most recently Street Politics, released in 2009 when Isa was just 22."

Naomi Punk
"Television Man"
'Television Man'
Captured Tracks, 2014
Notes: "You gotta give ‘em credit for advertising their own genre in their band name, but Naomi Punk don’t really play punk music anyway... The truth is, the Olympia, WA, trio resist easy classification... there’s an undeniable raw aggression in their unconventionally recorded song, which, despite their DIY aesthetic, seem purposely produced."

This week's B-sides: Steve Gunn, Avi Buffalo and Mirel Wagner

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
@Spotify Introduces Video #Advertisements on #Music Streaming Service
@OKGo Claims @Apple Copied Its #Music Video, Mulling Legal Options
So U2's iTunes deal reportedly cost Apple $100 million
Wow, the new indie-lookin' @U2 LP: Multimillionaires posing as an edgy and oh-so-relevant band singin' 'bout punk!
Former Primal scream guitarist Robert "Throb" Young has died
#AlbumOfTheDay: Kimbra (@KimbraMusic) - 'The Golden Echo'
#AlbumOfTheDay: Sloan (@SloanMusic) - 'Commonwealth'
#AlbumOfTheDay: Banks (@HerNameIsBanks) - 'Goddess'
Mercury Prize 2014 shortlist w/ PUTV artists Anna Calvi, Bombay Bicycle Club and Young Fathers + Damon Albarn, FKA Twigs and more
Hear @Caribouband remix his own track, "Our Love," under his Daphni moniker
The Replacements Perform "Alex Chilton" on "Fallon"
Watch @deadmilkmen's video for "Pretty Music For Pretty People," the title track from their new album
@arcadefire's instant-classic debut album Funeral turns 10
The Notorious B.I.G.'s classic Ready To Die came out 20 years ago today
#Tupac Shakur died 18 years ago today. Look back at our 1996 story on the life & death of the rapper
Interview w/ @Mike_Doughty_ from @TheBingLounge

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Episode203 - 9/11+13, CFR World Order, Good News GoTenna

Sat, 2014-09-13 14:49 Episode203 -
9/11+13, CFR World Order, Good News GoTenna

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Massive Times Square Billboard to Show Video of WTC 7 Destruction During 9/11 Anniversary
NYPD On Eve Of 9/11 13th Anniversary: Terror Threat More Complex Than Ever
With World Trade Site Largely Rebuilt, New York Marks September 11
NSA Whistleblower Supports 9/11 Truth - William Binney and Richard Gage on GRTV
NWNW Flashback: 9/11+9
NWNW Flashback: 9/11+10
NWNW Flashback: 9/11+11
NWNW Flashback: 9/11+12

Story #2: Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? The Council on Foreign Relations
Obama Dines With Man Caught Stealing, Destroying Classified Documents
Rob Reiner To Produce TV Show About the CIA Investigating 'Skull and Bones'
Obama's 9/10 Speech on ISIS Strategy
CFR's Hillary Clinton Reviews CFR Kissinger's "World Order" Book
Henry Kissinger Praises Hillary Clinton's Time As Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton Praises Kissinger As "Surprisingly Idealistic"
Video: Kissinger Praises Hillary Again, This Time In USA Today Interview
Kissinger and His New Op-Ed "Order": "What U.S. Must Do To Battle Islamic State"

Story #3: Off-the-Grid Texting Device GoTenna Attracts Anti-Surveillance Crowd
NWNW Flashback: German Villagers Build Own Broadband Network (June 2014)
Ecuador To Create Its Own Digital Currency
Good Cops Cross "Thin Blue Line" in Florida, Turn on Bad Cops

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates: MasterCard Rolls Out Orwellian National ID Card
Hollywood Celebs Besieged By Paparazzi Drone Cams
Predator Drones Being Flown Over ISIL's Syrian 'Capital'
Experts Warn of "Inevitable" Fukushima Disaster in California

Visit to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report here and Media Monarchy here. Thank you.

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@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode125 - #AtTheShow

Sat, 2014-09-06 18:20

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode125 - At The Show which features brand new sounds from Kindness (w/ Kelela), Sondre Lerche, Little Racer, Marco Benevento, Johnny Marr, Hamilton Leithauser, The Wytches, SW/MM/NG, Hiss Golden Messenger, Pine Hill Haints, Tickle Torture, The Young, Sean Rowe and Aan...


Previous: Episode124 - Hold On

♬Liner Notes♬:Back to school? Only if it's new school on PUTV! We've got the hottest from Marco Benevento, Johnny Marr, Sondre Lerche, Sean Rowe, The Wytches, The Young and tons more...

"World Restart" (w/ Kelela & Ade)
Female Energy/Mom + Pop, 2014
Notes: "Disco-pop auteur Adam Bainbridge, aka Kindness, has revealed the details behind the follow-up to his 2012 debut, World, You Need A Change Of Mind. The new album is called Otherness and features guest spots from Robyn, Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes, and more. The first track he’s shared is from the new album is “World Restart” and it’s a brassy, funky number featuring vocals from Kelela and Ade."

Sondre Lerche
"Bad Law"
Mona, 2014
Notes: "Norwegian singer Sondre Lerche’s friendly indie-pop has always been slightly askew, but never has one of his songs absolutely smacked me across the face like “Bad Law.” The leadoff track from his forthcoming Please is a treatise on divorce that segues from righteous hand-clap disco-funk into jarringly aggressive outbursts. “When crimes are passionate/ Can love be separate?” he intones in contagious sing-song before breaking into an arching falsetto worthy of Pharrell. It’s completely awesome, and it achieves Lerche’s stated goal of giving listeners a means to vent their frustrations." We last heard a demo from Sondre back on Episode027 and hopefully I'll finally see him when he's in town next month!

Little Racer
'Modern Accent' EP
PaperCup, 2014
Notes: "It sounds like a cliche, but New York band Little Racer really were big in the UK before breaking through here in the States. Their 2010 debut single caught the attention of BBC Radio and London label Young and Lost Club, who continue to support the band on their new EP, Modern Accent, with Papercup Music here in the U.S. By combining their love of British ’80s pop with Brooklyn’s surf-scene, Little Racer manage to get ahead of the pack. Frontman Elliot Michaud told CMJ Magazine, “We started out writing pop music and we still do; whether the songs are changing is purely from whatever is coming out of our brew."

Marco Benevento
"At The Show"
Royal Potato Family, 2014
Notes: "Multi-instrumentalist Marco Benevento has long been a fixture in the New York experimental scene, pushing boundaries with his circuit-bending electronics. However, his latest album finds him stepping out of his comfort zone in a different way. Swift is Benevento’s first album to feature his own voice and lyrics. Produced by Richard Swift and recorded with frequent collaborators Dave Drewitz (Ween) on bass and Andy Borger (Tom Waits, Norah Jones) on drums, Swift arrives on September 16 via Royal Potato Family. Check out a first listen of “At The Show,” a tight-grooved tune featuring a pretty catchy melody..."

Johnny Marr
"Easy Money"
New Voodoo, 2014
Notes: "Johnny Marr has shared “Easy Money”, the first single and video from his upcoming sophomore solo album, Playland, due out October 6th via Warner Bros. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Marr said he was inspired to write the crunchy dance-rock jam (think Dire Straits meets The Rapture) after contemplating the depths some people will go in their pursuit of money." We last heard the ex-Smiths legend back on Episode047 and - did I ever tell you about the time I got to meet Mr. Marr?

Hamilton Leithauser
'Black Hours'
Ribbon, 2014
Notes: "Hamilton Leithauser, the (former?) frontman of the Walkmen and the owner of one of indie rock’s greatest voices...shared the video for “Alexandra,” the album’s first single. Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij produced and co-wrote the song, and he shows up in the video, honking on a harmonica. Musically, the song is way jauntier than anything we’ve heard Leithauser sing before, and it’ll take some mental adjustment to get used to hearing him on songs like this" We rocked "The Silent Orchestra" from the ex-Walkmen man back on Episode116 alongside former band member Peter Matthew Bauer.

The Wytches
'Annabel Dream Reader'
Partisan, 2014
Notes: "For a young [English psych-rock] band, The Wytches are already well on their way to having all the right cards in their hand. The band’s ramp up to a full-length was well played with a series of 7″ singles showing off instant classics... Annabel Dream Reader makes for a killer of a debut, and there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more of the Wytches in coming months and years... “Digsaw” is one of the absolute best cuts from Annabel Dream Reader, and shows off everything that makes the Wytches an all-round blast to listen to. The track explodes out the gate with a surf rock guitar hook over thunderous drums and bass."

"All I Want"
'Feel Not Bad'
Old Flame, 2014
Notes: "For much of the five minutes of SW/MM/NG’s new song, “All I Want,” the vocals repeat a simple refrain, punctuated by silence: “Baby/ all/ I want/ is you.” The Arkansas-based band has been around for three years but is finally getting around to releasing their debut album, Feel Not Bad, and they purposefully sidestep the nostalgia that a lot of dreamy psych-pop falls into, instead sounding broken-down and fatigued. The guitars may be sun-soaked and airy, but they’re also strained and wistful, brimming with longing and desire for something better in the future."

Hiss Golden Messenger
"Saturday’s Song"
'Lateness of Dancers'
Merge, 2014
Notes: "Following their recent signing to Merge Records, North Carolina folk duo Hiss Golden Messenger will release their fifth studio album, Lateness of Dancers, on September 9th. For the follow-up to 2013’s Haw, MC Taylor and Scott Hirsch (both formerly of Ex-Ignota and The Court & Spark)...have unveiled “Saturday’s Song”... feels downright joyous, a confident, Band-channeling number backed by driving piano chords and skipping lead guitars. "

Pine Hill Haints
"Ms. Pacman"
'The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints'
K, 2014
Notes: "A lot of folk music can be downright weird, conjuring up ghosts that wander Highway 61 or the Mississippi delta. Fittingly, the Pine Hill Haints term their sound “Alabama ghost music,” and that’s a pretty accurate description. The Florence-born band has released eight albums and ten EPs since forming in 1998, developing a fervent fan base through tours through the South... Essentially, the Pine Hill Haints are a folk band with a punk rock ethos (or is it the other way around?). On September 30, they’ll release The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints, album number nine (and they’re already recording number ten). The band is attuned to old things... Yet there’s a modern slyness to the Pine Hill Haints."

Tickle Torture
"Would I Love You"
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Minneapolis sex-pop producer known as Tickle Torture claims his music is the soundtrack for a new generation of freaks, and this week he has premiered his electric new single, ‘Would I Love You.’ With equal measurements of electro-funk and sleaze, ‘Would I Love You’ is an infectious creation of trashy disco that is far too easy to enjoy. If you’re a fan of Scissor Sisters, then Tickle Torture would be right up your alley."

The Young
"Cry Of Tin"
'Chrome Cactus'
Matador, 2014
Notes: "On its Matador Records debut, [2012's] Dub Egg, Austin’s The Young pulled back its psych-rock influences for something cleaner. The result was an album that felt like classic rock run through a modern filter, riffing like ZZ Top while having the skewed perspective of label mate Kurt Vile." And we heard a track from that record back in 2012 on Episode015 of PUTV, now it's 2014 and we've got more...

Sean Rowe
"Shine My Diamond Ring"
Notes: "Sean Rowe is a songwriter from Troy, New York. Having travelled and toured around the USA to play to people in the comfort of their front rooms, Sean likens himself to a “bearded salesman”." We rocked Mr. Rowe back on Episode016, I guess things really do run in cycles. This is his fifth full-length.

"Spiritual Provisions"
'Amor Ad Nauseum'
Party Damage, 2014
Notes: "Even though the Latin reference to amor ad nauseum (“love to the point of sickness”) in its name suggests an air of pretension, Portland’s Aan approaches conventional elements of pop and indie rock with a curiosity that could only come from a group of unabashed fans... scoring touring slots with The Smashing Pumpkins and Built To Spill while sporadically releasing material digitally and on 7″. In late 2013, the band began sessions on their first full-length... “Spiritual Provisions” skates along with a laser-precise approach, building tension that Wilson gradually and tantalizingly releases... that’s what makes “Spiritual Provisions” as ghostly and compelling as its title suggests." And the name is pronounced "on".

This week's B-sides: Alex G, Israel Nash and Melanie De Biasio

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
@Deadmau5 pwns Disney lawyers with his own claim of copyright infringement
Nicky Da B, Diplo's 'Express Yourself' Bounce Collaborator, Dead at 24
Simone Battle, G.R.L. singer and former ‘X Factor’ contestant, dead at age 25 of apparent suicide
@U2 are not involved in Apple's iPhone 6 launch... or ARE they?
#itunesfestival kicks off today at 9pm UK with @deadmau5. Watch free on iTunes or Apple TV.
Ash's Tim Wheeler announces debut solo album 'Lost Domain'
Listen to Prince's (@3rdeyegirl) new song "U Know"
TV On The Radio stream new track "Happy Idiot"
Watch Mineral (@officialmineral)'s reunion show in Brooklyn last night
The US Navy has dropped Cee-Lo Green from its upcoming Freedom LIVE concert
The 5 Best Songs Of The Week ft. @AphexTwin, @flyinglotus, @TVonTheRadio
Watch the New Pornographers (@TheNewPornos) play the hell out of "Brill Bruisers" on Letterman
@FaithNoMore announce their first album in 18 years, and a single called "Motherfucker"
Sleater-Kinney (@Carrie_Rachel) bounds back with career-spanning box set
Watch @alt_J have bring the "Left Hand Free" blues to "Letterman"
Bass guitar legend Mario Cipollina let me put on his sunglasses?!

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

Interview w/ Joan Rivers - June 27, 2014

Fri, 2014-09-05 20:33
Media Monarchy took the rare opportunity to talk to Joan Rivers about race, religion, women and money...


@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode124 - #HoldOn

Sat, 2014-08-30 22:25

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode124 - Hold On which features brand new sounds from OK Go, My Brightest Diamond, Wannabe Jalva, Allah-Las, Chrissie Hynde, Man Man, Sylvan Esso, Dilated Peoples, Groove Armada, Fink, Twin Peaks, Rubblebucket, Otis The Destroyer and Tomten...


Previous: Episode123 - True

♬Liner Notes♬:It's Labor Day weekend here in the States and what better way to wind down than to pump up the latest new sounds around?! We've got Groove Armada, OK Go, Chrissie Hynde, Dilated Peoples and more!

"The Writing's On The Wall"
'Hungry Ghosts'
self-released, 2014
Notes: "...part of the band's EP Upside Out, and is also the first single from the group's upcoming album Hungry Ghosts... the band released a music video in which the members use props to create optical illusions... The three-minute alternative disco song was the only track from Hungry Ghosts to be produced by Tony Hoffer and not Dave Fridmann... frontman Damian Kulash, Hungry Ghosts will be "pretty stylistically diverse...but not in an EDM kind of way"... others include influences of 1980s acts including Prince, INXS and New Order."

My Brightest Diamond
"Lover Killer"
'This Is My Hand'
Asthmatic Kitty, 2014
Notes: "Shara Worden, better known as My Brightest Diamond, will put out the new album This Is My Hand next month... Worden’s always-great voice fits into another fascinating arrangement, this time with a chorus lifted up by bouncy brass."

Wannabe Jalva
'Collecture' EP
self-released, 2014
Notes: "One of the great side effects of World Cup fever has been a focus on Brazilian bands. Wannabe Jalva are taking full advantage with a new [EP] due in October... " They've also been opening for bands like Vampire Weekend and Pearl Jam when they're in Brazil.

"Had It All"
'Worship The Sun'
Innovative Leisure, 20114
Notes: "Allah-Las have captured the sunny clime of their Los Angeles home in short, dazzling retro gems of sonic nostalgia, incorporating bright tinges of SoCal beach pop, garage and psych rock, latin rhythms and 60′s folk... nuggets of sunshine, like...“Had It All”, which enters familiar territory with its jangly Byrds-ian opening and heavily reverbed, dreamy choruses." This is Allah-Las third time on PUTV after Episodes020/021.

Chrissie Hynde
"In A Miracle"
Caroline, 2014
Notes: "Some 35 years after the Pretenders' debut, Chrissie Hynde steps out on her own with 2014's Stockholm. Its title is not a reference to the infamous "Stockholm syndrome" but rather an allusion to her chief collaborator on the project, Björn Yttling, of the Swedish pop band Peter Bjorn and John."

Man Man
"Head On (Hold On To Your Heart)" (Live On KUTX)
'On Oni Pond'
Anti-, 2013
Notes: "Philadelphia’s Man Man made their name on their crazy live shows, but focusing solely on their manic energy does a disservice to their songwriting. Frontman Honus Honus may sing like Tom Waits, but his songs betray influences as diverse as John Lennon, Dr. John, and Captain Beefheart. Last year’s On Oni Pond continued Man Man’s subtle pivot away from their experimental early days, but they still love tinkering with sounds... this spirited live take on “Head On” that Man Man laid down in our Studio 1A last year." The Philly boys kicked off Episode071 with the studio version of "Head On (Hold On To Your Heart)".

Sylvan Esso
"Wolf" (Live On KUTX)
'Sylvan Esso'
Partisan, 2014
Notes: "During Sylvan Esso’s recent Studio 1A performance...[they] rebuilt the songs from their fantastic self-titled debut. While Sanborn triggered the loops and beats, he also sampled Meath’s voice to add otherworldly harmonies on top of everything... On “Wolf,” that vocal subtlety juts up against the song’s pop-ready appeal, making for a fascinating listen." We heard the Durham, NC's breakout track "Coffee" back on Episode107 of PUTV.

Dilated Peoples
"Cut My Teeth"
'Directors of Photography'
Rhymesayers, 2014
Notes: "Without getting too wrapped up in Directors of Photography being LA group Dilated Peoples‘ first release since 2006′s 20/20, it has to be mentioned that the trio, who represent the best of underground hip-hop for so many, succeed in reviving the counterculture spirit of their genre after nearly a decade apart."

Groove Armada
"Hold On"
'Love Lights the Underground' EP
Om, 2014
Notes: "Electronic music gurus Groove Armada are finally back with a new EP in September. Today's Top Tune is the funkiest of the bunch, it's "Hold On"."

"Looking Too Closely"
'Hard Believer'
Ninja Tune, 2014
Notes: "Fink...offer their first new studio material in three years. Hard Believer is, for the most part, a slow burner; one that employs a more varied, albeit moodier set of textures and sounds than its predecessor, 2011's Perfect Darkness." This is the UK/Berlin trio's third bow on PUTV!

Twin Peaks
"I Found A New Way"
'Wild Onion'
Grand Jury, 2014
Notes: "Youthful Chicago rockers Twin Peaks...shared another great song... It’s called “I Found A New Way,” but it’s more of a masterful demonstration of old ways — specifically the raucous barroom rock of early ’70s Stones, the punchy demeanor of ’80s power pop, and the art-damaged classic rock of Lou Reed and Iggy Pop." This track was actually a 'b-side' back on Episode121 (and it's in that Spotify playlist, too), but we bumped it up and gave 'em a bow here and now!

"Carousel Ride"
'Survival Sounds'
Communion, 2014
Notes: "Rubblebucket’s charisma and natural chemistry ties the band’s most eclectic tendencies into an immediate and engaging style of pop... [In 2013] the [Brooklyn-via-Vermont] band entered the studio with producer John Congleton (St. Vincent, Angel Olsen) to create their fourth full-length, this year’s Survival Sounds. Alternating between heavy, crunching synths and bouncy, bass-driven grooves, “Carousel Ride” is as whimsical and colorful as its name suggests."

Otis The Destroyer
"Robot Hands" (Live On KUTX)
'Dark Arts' EP
self-released, 2014
Notes: "This weekend marks the second annual United We Jam, an event geared towards showing off Austin’s music scene en masse in front of Austin fans. Despite forming about half a year ago, Otis The Destroyer has become a name in the local scene... Their debut EP, The Dark Arts, moves between psychedelia and hard rock with ease... [The band is playing] a United We Jam showcase that includes fellow KUTX faves Emily Wolfe and Harvest Thieves... “Robot Hands” takes its cues from early ’60s pop, but the heavy riffs show off the band’s love of rock and roll."

"Mother Minnow"
'The Farewell Party'
Veriscolor, 2014
Notes: "Bright and melodic, [Seattle band] Tomten’s charming brand of baroque indie pop draws equally from the bright pop sounds of the power pop groups of the’70s and the more orchestrated indie rock of the late ’90s... the band built a reputation for their dream pop-influenced tunes while playing shows around the Pacific Northwest and producing two albums... the band’s most recent album, The Farewell Party, finds the band...sharper and more direct than ever, showing off an expanded range of songwriting and orchestration. The Farewell Party‘s “Mother Minnow” winds and turns through a run of glistening pop melodies with a natural ease."

This week's B-sides: Benjamin Booker, Sour Notes and Hammerhead

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
Yay! So glad the RSS feed from @TheKeyXPN has been updated and fixed! More #songoftheday sources for PUTV!
#AlbumOfTheDay: @TheBasementJaxx - 'Junto'
.@ElvisCostello's 60th birthday! ...his albums from worst to best
Watch Thurston Moore (@THURSTONMOORE58) play the endless new song "Forevermore" at Pukkelpop
Savages (@Savagesband) leader Jehnny Beth (@jehnbeth) rails on rock festivals' class system
Album sales hit another all-time low
Watch the first Cabaret Voltaire live show in over 20 years
Next week, @AphexTwin will hold listening parties around the world for his new album SYRO
Watch Killer Mike (@KillerMikeGTO) talk about Ferguson and police engagement on Fox News
Listen to @SOHN's pretty new non-album track "The Chase"
Preview three more songs from the Drums' (@thedrumsforever) Encyclopedia in a funny teaser video
Hear @Diddy's 16-year-old remix of @SmashingPumpkin's "Ava Adore"
Slowdive (@slowdiveband), the Kills (@TheKillsBand), Courtney Barnett (@courtneymelba), many others will play CMJ
Harvest says it took Morrissey's album off digital and streaming services at his request
Morrissey announces European tour and is "urgently" seeking a new record label
Morrissey's next album is a Ramones greatest hits compilation. Seriously.

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@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode123 - #True

Mon, 2014-08-25 20:10

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode123 - True which features brand new sounds from Sarah Jaffe, Bob Moses, Operators, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Alvvays, The Both, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Mia Doi Todd, Teleman, Deers, Ty Segall, White Lung, Benjamin Booker, BadBadNotGood and S...


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♬Liner Notes♬: Hopefully last week's epic double episode didn't scare you off - if anything, I hope it energized you and that you want even more new noise! This week's drops the awesome w/ Operators, Sarah Jaffe, Bob Moses, The Both and much more...

Sarah Jaffe
"Some People Will Tell You"
'Don't Disconnect'
Kirtland, 2014
Notes: "When Texas singer-songwriter Sarah Jaffe released The Body Wins in 2012, it functioned as both a high-profile introduction and a radical left turn... Enter Don't Disconnect, which follows a break Jaffe spent dabbling in hip-hop, and which furthers her exploration into impeccably produced Technicolor electro-pop." I just saw Sarah Jaffe open for the Polyphonic Spree a few weeks ago and - while they seemed to be having an issue with the sound - there were definite moments where I thought, "Oh, that's definitely a hit!"

Bob Moses
"I Ain't Gonna Be the First To Cry" (Radio Edit)
'First To Cry' EP
Domino, 2014
Notes: "Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance's Bob Moses project rocking up on Domino makes a lot of sense, given the British indie label's tendency to pepper its roster with electronic acts—Jon Hopkins, Four Tet, Junior Boys and so on. "I Ain't Going To Be The First To Cry" is a reworking of a 1974 Bobby Bland song that the New York-based Canadians take in a more maudlin direction."

TBA, 2014
Notes: "Operators is the new wave project featuring Divine Fits members Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade, Handsome Furs) and Sam Brown (New Bomb Turks, etc.) plus Devojka... Now comes Operators’ first public studio recording. It’s called “True,” and two things are obvious from the start: (1) This is definitely synthpop and (2) this is definitely Dan Boeckner. Still, even in the keyboard-driven Handsome Furs, we’ve never heard Boeckner’s howling growl set against such a sleek digital background."

A Sunny Day in Glasgow
"MTLOV (Minor Keys)"
'Sea When Absent'
Lefse, 2014
Notes: "Twenty-two years ago, Nostradamic pop critic Simon Reynolds predicted that pop music would become a game of mix-and-match rather than great leaps forward, as artists would fuse genres and sounds together to create new music. A Sunny Day in Glasgow's fourth offering might have been the sort of thing he had in mind: listening to it is like standing in the middle of a festival with music coming from all directions. Somewhere between My Bloody Valentine and the Avalanches, the Philadelphia group hurl everything from shoegaze to dreampop into their sonic soup, garnishing it with 1960s girl-group melodies, children's voices, echo and FX-laden guitars." I dig this sound so much, we're getting ASDIG for a second week in a row!

"Archie, Marry Me"
Polyvinyl, 2014
Notes: "Alvvays got some attention last year for the sunny dream pop that’s captured well on their new single “Archie, Marry Me.” The song comes from their self-titled debut album out soon on Polyvinyl. The track’s title appears in the chorus as Molly Rankin’s lovely, romantic plea, but the band’s heavy guitar attack adds just a little bittersweetness."

The Both
"The Inevitable Shove"
'The Both'
Super Ego, 2014
Notes: "The Both are a singer-songwriter collaboration that sound precisely like you'd hope. New Wave heartthrob and master songcrafter Aimee Mann gets welcome vocal and guitar snarl from Ted Leo, a post-punk heartthrob in his own right whose unfussy attack benefi ts from Mann's melodic and harmonic touch. Anyone following their aesthetic courtship on Twitter could've predicted the lyrical sparks... the Beatlesque "The Inevitable Shove," which casts a jaded eye on familial love. Hey, whaddya expect from a pair of hopeless indie-rock realists?" We heard from this dastardly duo back on Episode105 and they're coming to town soon.

Golden Dawn Arkestra
'Golden Dawn Arkestra EP'
self-released, 2014
Notes: "The idea behind Austin’s Golden Dawn Arkestra is pretty free-form: bandleader Topaz McGarrigle started it as a way to soundtrack an imaginary movie, inviting a different cast of musicians for each show. Soon, the Arkestra took on dancers and costumes, and the concerts turned into psychedelic spectacles. The visual aspects are perfect accompaniment to the Arkestra’s blend of jazz, Afrobeat, and funk, and they (unsurprisingly) tapped resident genre-hopper Adrian Quesada to producer their self-titled debut EP. It’s getting a vinyl release this week... “Masakayli” will give you a taste of the frequency these Austinites are on–cosmic jazz never sounded so fun."

Mia Doi Todd
"Menina, Amanha De Mahna"
City Zen, 2014
Notes: "A trip to Brazil so captured singer songwriter Mia Doi Todd's imagination, that it prompted her to cull her favorite Brazilian songs and cover them on her new album Floresta."

Moshi Moshi, 2014
Notes: "Teleman are the London three-piece that formed out of the ashes of indie band Pete and the Pirates. Actually, that's putting it a bit dramatically. Nobody razed the Pirates to the ground; they were never burned. Members just upped and left – namely the Sanders boys and Cattermoul, now operating as Teleman. Something about their typography and that "Tele" prefix suggests a determination to present themselves as Kraftwerky droids, and although their press shot doesn't exactly depict them as men-machines, they do at least all look neat and clipped and "modern", what with their matching side partings and button-down collars."

self-released, 2014
Notes: "If you like your music with heavy reverb, slightly lo-fi surf melodies and slacker girl group vocals, then look no further than Madrid, Spain’s Deers. The duo of Ana Garcia Perrote and Carlotta Cosials have a two-song single that under the title DEMO at their Bandcamp, although they are too good to be categorized at just demos. The standout is the absolutely perfect “Bamboo”..."

Ty Segall
"Susie Thumb"
Drag City, 2014
Notes: "The restless Ty Segall will release his next full-length, Manipulator, on August 26 through Drag City. Today, he's shared the first single from the album, titled "Susie Thumb"."

White Lung
"Face Down"
'Deep Fantasy'
Domino, 2014
Notes: "Vancouver B.C.-based punks White Lung...changing labels, and Deep Fantasy, their first for more prominent indie imprint Domino Recording Co., loses none of the fury of their earlier work. In fact, with only a few exceptions, White Lung keep exceedingly true to their template of marrying a complex sense of melody with abrasive punk brilliance following the Dischord Records post-punk ideal and '90s grunge pop acts like Hole or Seaweed."

Benjamin Booker
"Violent Shiver"
'Benjamin Booker'
ATO, 2014
Notes: ""Fucking up on a five-year bender," Benjamin Booker growls on "Violent Shiver," a song that sounds something like the Strokes if they'd been suckled on moonshine in a juke joint. A New Orleans-based, Jack White-endorsed 25-year old with an open sore of a voice and a love of distorted boogie-blues shredding, Booker is grafting new shoots into roots music..."

"Can't Leave The Night"
Innovative Leisure, 2014
Notes: "BADBADNOTGOOD is the Toronto-based trio of...conservatory-trained jazz musicians who first bonded over a mutual love for contemporary, blog-friendly hip-hop... an occasional live backing band for Odd Future and Frank Ocean, producing a song on Earl Sweatshirt's 2013 LP, Doris, and collaborating with the likes of Danny Brown and Doom... the cinematic, minor-key first single, "Can't Leave The Night,"... and while the palette and production feel somewhat post-rock, it's got the sort of grand rhythmic and dynamic contrasts that wouldn't feel out of place at a warehouse rave. "

'Cool Choices'
Hardly Art, 2014
Notes: "Jenn Ghetto’s whispered vocals and messily melodic guitar playing have established her as one of Seattle’s most distinct and consistent songwriters. Ghetto first emerged as one of the vocalists in Carissa’s Wierd... Her latest release, September’s Cool Choices, was crafted over two years in the wake of Ghetto’s breakup with her long term partner... " And it was produced by my man Chris Walla!

This week's B-sides: Allah-Las and Strange Relations

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
#AlbumOfTheDay: David Ruffin - 'Gentleman Ruffin' (Reissue)
#AlbumOfTheDay: A Sunny Day in Glasgow (@SunnyDayGlasgow) - 'Sea When Absent'
#AlbumOfTheDay: Benjamin Booker (@bbookerNOLA) - 'Benjamin Booker'
Hear a new track from @RunJewels, @TheKnifenews announce break-up, new @M83Music video, MORE Music News
Weezer pushes back "Everything Will Be Alright in the End" release date
Kele Okereke reveals new song 'Doubt'
Watch @arcadefire cover the Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated" with Marky Ramone
See @thedrumsforever wax existential with a goldfish in the "I Can't Pretend" lyric vid
@AphexTwin announces his new album #SYRO on the deep web
Suge Knight shot multiple times at Chris Brown's VMAs pre-party
Who is ready for the #VMAs?

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@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode122 - Thought Of Sound

Sun, 2014-08-17 22:45

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode122 - Thought Of Sound which features brand new sounds from The Rentals, Bleached, The Bird and The Bee, Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes, YAWN, Pets, Frazey Ford, Got a Girl, Tinnarose, Sugar Stems, !!!, Rüfüs Du Sol, Griz, Tin Can Gin, Christopher Denny, Avi Buffalo, Anthony D’Amato, Valery Gore, Lily & Madeleine, Shad & DJ T.LO, Paolo Nutini, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, In The Valley Below, Whalers, Kingdom of the Holy Sun, King Tuff, New Pornographers...


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♬Liner Notes♬: After spending my birthday weekend in Olympia last week, it's time for that occasional yet-oh-so-awesome PUTV party monster: the double episode! Cuz it's long and it's strong and it's down to get tha friction on - so let's just Pump Up Tha Volume!

The Rentals
"Thought Of Sound"
'Lost In Alphaville'
Polyvinyl, 2014
Notes: "In December, we learned that the Rentals, which started out as a Weezer side project back when bassist Matt Sharp was still in the band, were readying their first album in a decade and a half. Other than Sharp, the new lineup of the Rentals is completely different, and it includes Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, as well as Lucius members Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, Ozma’s Ryen Slegr, and the Section Quartet’s Lauren Chipman. But today, we get to hear our first taste of the album, and I’m delighted to report that it’s the same sort of mechanized pleasure-overdrive power-pop that the band was making back in the day."

"For the Feel"
'For the Feel' EP
Dead Oceans, 2014
Notes: "Jennifer and Jessie Clavin’s music as Bleached tends to evoke an afternoon cruising around in the California sun blasting the Ramones. “For The Feel” is a prime example of their proficiency at that task, a fine blast of sunshine that feels effortless even as it shows off carefully honed craft. The song was originally intended for last year’s full-length debut Ride Your Heart, but it’s instead the lead track on a new EP due out this summer digitally and this fall on vinyl." We spun a couple tracks from Bleached's last record on Episodes056/069.

The Bird and The Bee
Rostrum, 2014
Notes: "The Bird and the Bee has just released its first original music in four years. The indie synth-pop duo, comprised of Inara George and Greg Kurstin, has created a very upbeat song called “Undone” that is featured in the film Sex Tape..."

Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes
"Jenny" (Live on KUTX)
'Love Cliques' EP
Vanguard, 2014
Notes: "Clairy Browne & the Bangin’ Rackettes emerged out of Melbourne, Australia in 2009 with a retro-soul sound influenced as much by Amy Winehouse as Aretha Franklin and Big Mama Thornton... they’re set to release [their sophomore record], titled Love Cliques. It’s just an EP, but it can certainly tide you over until album number two. Recently, Browne and the Rackettes stopped by our Studio 1A to show off some of these new songs, and “Jenny” was a highlight of the live session."

'Love Chills'
Old Flame, 2014
Notes: "Yawn is an electronics-heavy pop band who has spent the past five years building up a reputation in the Chicago DIY scene, and the band is starting to ease its way up aboveground. Last year, they played Lollapalooza, and this year they’re releasing their second album, Love Chills, with an immediately catchy lead single."

"Dream City"
'Get Turned On'
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Cuddle up with Sacramento-based noise-pop band Pets. The duo of Allison Jones and Derek Fieth tear through their dark fuzzed-out pop with the cat-like coolness of The Jesus & Mary Chain and the friendly-puppy punk simplicity of The Ramones."

Frazey Ford
"September Fields"
'Indian Ocean'
Nettwerk, 2014
Notes: "Frazey Ford, best known as the lead voice of beloved alt-folk band The Be Good Tanyas, returns with her second solo effort, Indian Ocean (October 14) -- a lush album filled with songs about pain and dealing with tough truths, but also about love, contrition and being bold. Part of what gives Indian Ocean its gilded edge is the work of Al Green’s band, The Hi Rhythm Section, the iconic architects of the famous singer's instrumental sound... Lead single “September Fields,” which premiered on NPR’s All Songs Considered, is available now on iTunes."

Got a Girl
"Did We Live Too Fast"
'I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now'
Bulk, 2014
Notes: "In a project spawned on the set of the the 2010 film adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, San Francisco mega-producer Dan "The Automator" Nakamura (Gorillaz, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Deltron 3030) and winsome actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead deliver their playfully cinematic debut, I Love You But I Must Drive Off This Cliff Now, under the name Got a Girl."

"When You're Gone"
'When You're Gone'
Nine Mile, 2014
Notes: "On Seth Sherman’s solo 2011 debut, When The Moment Is True, the longtime Austin musician found beauty in darkness... Recruiting some friends, the group soon took on a more democratic quality and turned into Tinnarose... On August 26, Tinnarose will release its self-titled debut, and throughout, Sherman and [Devon] McDermott shine in the spotlight... “When You’re Gone” kicks things off with a swagger, matching a Stones-like riff to a soaring vocal performance. Going it alone can be invigorating, but Tinnarose is proof that a true band dynamic can elevate the music to a completely different level." We heard "Hard Loving You" back on the awesome Episode097.

Sugar Stems
"We Only Come Out At Night"
'Only Come Out At Night'
Dirtnap, 2014
Notes: "Power-pop comes in all shapes, sizes, and allegiances to certain bygone eras. But Sugar Stems pretty much encompasses all of them. The Milwaukee-based outfit’s upcoming album, Only Come Out At Night, refuses to be contained by skinny-tied punks, post-Weezer wimps, or anything in between; instead, the album wields sharp hooks without any regard for staying inside the lines, all while tapping into the brew of, anger, humor, and heartache that power-pop, at its best, does so well."

"One Girl/One Boy" (Live on KUTX)
Warp, 2013
Notes: "Lucky for us, !!! kept [Austinite and backup singer on the studio version of 'Thr!!!er' ] Moore in mind when they recently rolled through town. Moore and the band stopped by our Studio 1A and got the dance party started in an instant. The live version of “One Girl/One Boy” is even more kinetic, backing up Moore’s powerhouse performance with a slinky groove. Those three exclamation points never seemed so apt."

Rüfüs Du Sol
'Sundream' EP
Sweat It Out, 2014
Notes: "Australian indie-house trio RÜFÜS DU SOL has released a new EP in the United States. The ‘Sundream’ EP is available today and also includes the track "Tonight", plus two brand new exclusive remixes of "Sundream" by LA production pair Classixx and rising duo Casino Gold. "Sundream" and "Tonight" are both culled from the band’s much-heralded first album, Atlas, already certified gold in their native Australia. The album debuted at #1 on the official Aussie Aria chart and will be released to U.S. audiences this summer."

"Hard Times"
'Rebel Era'
Liberated, 2013
Notes: "With Grant Kwiecinski’s second full-length album under the moniker Griz, he has effectively bridged the gap between contemporary dance music and long-lived genres such as funk, soul, classic rock, hip-hop and more.., ‘Rebel Era’ displays an evolution in production as he is able to also produce stunning tracks in purely modern technique, as well as raw, stripped-down jams reminiscent of the 60s, 70s and 80s. While other electro-soul heavyweights like Pretty Lights focus on a style that, while apt for a dancefloor environment, have more substance in a purely listening format, Griz’s ‘Rebel Era’ is designed for the EDM atmosphere."

Tin Can Gin
'Tin Can Gin'
self-released, 2013
Notes: "Fast-paced upbeat Bluegrass music from [Duluth, MN], Tin Can Gin is sure to get your blood pumping and your feet stompin' with their blend of traditional bluegrass, new-age folk, and alternative rock with a North Shore flavor."

Christopher Denny
"Watch Me Shine"
'If the Roses Don't Kill Us'
Partisan, 2014
Notes: "It's been nearly seven years since Little Rock native Christopher Denny released his debut album, Age Old Hunger. In that span of time, the heart-on-the-sleeve country singer has had his lows, struggling with addiction and an earlier, failed attempt at making a second record. Now clean, Denny returns with the jubilant "Watch Me Shine," taken from his sophomore LP, If the Roses Don't Kill Us... upcoming tour dates alongside Strand of Oaks."

Avi Buffalo
"So What"
'At Best Cuckold'
Sub Pop, 2014
Notes: "Long Beach alt-rock outfit Avi Buffalo will release their sophomore album, At Best Cuckold, on September 9th via Sub Pop. The long-awaited follow-up to their 2010 self-titled debut spans 10 tracks and was produced by the band’s own Avi Zahner-Isenberg, assisted by collaborator/longtime band member Sheridan Riley."

Anthony D’Amato
"Good And Ready"
'The Shipwreck from the Shore'
New West, 2014
Notes: "Notice from NPR and Rolling Stone led to tours with Pete Yorn and Ben Kweller, and in 2012 he returned with Paper Back Bones. A full country band (featuring Amanda Shires and members drawn from Midlake and Kweller’s band) beefed up his spare songs, but not at the expense of his rich storytelling. On September 2, D’Amato will release his third album, The Shipwreck From The Shore, and it continues his trajectory towards a fuller sound. He teamed up with members of Bon Iver and Megafaun (a common pairing for the song of the day these days) and headed up to an 18th-century farmhouse studio in Maine. There he moved slightly away from his country/folk roots and took inspiration from his new band. Songs like “Good And Ready” resulted, matching sweetness with a big backbeat."

Valery Gore
'Idols In the Dark Heart'
self-released, 2014
Notes: "A year on from Valery Gore first announcing plans to issue an experimental LP dubbed Idols in the Dark Heart, the Toronto indie artist has now given up all of the details behind the set. Her third full-length effort arrives independently on September 9. The album includes 11 new songs and makes for the first full-length from the artist since 2008's Avalanche to Wandering Bears."

Lily & Madeleine
"The Wolf Is Free"
Asthmatic Kitty, 2014
Notes: "After a very exciting 2013 that saw them release both a well-received EP and LP, Indianapolis folk duo Lily & Madeleine are ready to release their follow-up. The new album is titled Fumes and will hit shelves on October 28th via Asthmatic Kitty. The first song from it “The Wolf Is Free”. The song see the sisters further exploring new sounds, but maintaining the beautiful harmonies that have drawn comparisons to another sister duo, First Aid Kit."

Shad & DJ T.LO
"Always Winnin" single
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Rapper Shad opens his latest song “Always Winnin'” with a detailed account of how he spent his night at home watching Homeland. While it’s not exactly the scene setter you’d expect from a track with such a boastful title, the London, Ontario-based rapper is completely dexterous, spitting about Reeboks, 30 Rock, and an endless stream of pop culture references. When Shad calls out his fellow Canadian Drake with “I started from the opposite of the bottom / still on top of it”, it’s as chuckle-worthy as it is fun to listen to... Later this year, Shad will release a collaborative EP with DJ T.L.O, who provided the Gang Starr-sampling beat for “Always Winnin'”."

Paolo Nutini
"Let Me Down Easy"
'Caustic Love'
Atlantic, 2014
Notes: "Caustic Love may be the best UK R&B album since the 1970s blue-eyed-soul heyday of Rod Stewart and Joe Cocker. Not only is Nutini reaching the feral depths once plumbed by those raw-throated voices, but he’s locked into the spirit of that most golden of soul eras, with subtly updated adaptations of classic soul styles. It’s a move signalled by his use of the refrain of Bettye Lavette’s soul classic “Let Me Down Easy” as the basis for his own emotive confessional..." This rave review came from the UK Independent in April of this year when the record was released everywhere but America... now its day has come.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow
'Sea When Absent'
Lefse, 2014
Notes: "Comprised of six members operating in three cities (Sydney, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia), A Sunny Day in Glasgow might not have the most efficient creative process, but the fragmented nature of the group is undoubtedly crucial to the band’s ethereal, seamlessly cut-and-pasted music... the band’s fourth album was gradually recorded..."

In The Valley Below
'The Belt'
Capitol, 2014
Notes: "In the words of In The Valley Below's Angela Gail, their new songs are about "sex, crime, religion and how that fits into the lives we've chosen, our dreams and struggles, mistakes and heartbreaks."" We thank the up-&-coming LA duo for the tweet love!

"Battleships" (Live on KUTX)
'Submarine Sun'
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Despite hailing from landlocked Austin, Whalers like a lot of nautical imagery, from the band name to album and song titles... Though their debut album, Submarine Sun, came out digitally in the spring, Whalers are celebrating the LP’s vinyl release... “Battleships” surfs on a raucous beat before boiling over into the kind of epic finale that every garage band would be jealous of."

Kingdom of the Holy Sun
"Thirteen Eyes"
'Thirteen Eyes' EP
self-released, 2014
Notes: "What could be better for an August Song of the Day than a hazy, hypnotic drone from Seattle’s own purveyors of “psychedelic shamanistic madness,” Kingdom of the Holy Sun? Formed in early 2012, this local outfit combine their love of ’60s sounds with ’80s post-punk and shoegaze, adding a meditative, mellow raga rock influence. Think The Black Angels or Brian Jonestown Massacre."

King Tuff
"Eyes Of The Muse"
'Black Moon Spell'
Sub Pop, 2014Notes: "Kyle Thomas a.k.a. King Tuff has announced his third studio album. Entitled Black Moon Spell, the 14-track effort will arrive on September 23rd via Sub Pop Records. It serves as the proper follow-up to his 2012 self-titled album. Produced by Bobby Harlow in Los Angeles, the record promises to make listeners “experience euphoria, demented visions, wet dreams, bouts of backwards laughter, and dazed confusion resulting in primordial dancing.” Those side effects may or may not occur when listening to lead single “Eyes Of The Muse”, as the song is a head trip of swirling guitars, psych-pop, and classic rock-inspired leads." We heard "Bad Thing" from the Louisiana King over two years ago on Episode014.

New Pornographers
"Brill Bruisers"
'Brill Bruisers'
Matador, 2014
Notes: "Power-pop flag wavers New Pornographers will return this fall with an album titled Brill Bruisers and a tour... the new LP's title song...containing all the redolent harmonies and big hooks the group is known for. The full, 13-song album, their first in four years, will be released on August 26th. "This is a celebration record," frontman A.C. Newman... "We wanted Xanadu and we wanted Sigue Sigue Sputnik, which translated into sparklier and faster [music].""

This week's B-sides: Bear's Den, Jose James, Baseball Project, Phantom Tails and Ghost Pains

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
#AlbumOfTheDay: Spoon (@SpoonTheBand) - 'They Want My Soul'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @TheRosebuds - 'Sand + Silence'
#AlbumOfTheDay: La Roux (@larouxofficial) - 'Trouble In Paradise'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @PorterRobinson - 'Worlds'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @FKAtwigs - 'LP1'
#AlbumOfTheDay: Polyphonic Spree (@PolySpree) - 'Psychphonic'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @FaltyDL - 'In The Wild'
#AlbumOfTheDay: Bleached (@HelloBleached) - 'For The Feel' EP
#AlbumOfTheDay: @BearInHeaven - 'Time Is Over One Day Old'
'David Bowie Is’ #Documentary To Open In 100 Theaters In September
#Godflesh announce new album A World Lit Only By Fire. Listen to "New Dark Ages"
Watch the Drums' (@thedrumsforever) Encyclopedia album sampler
Check out "Carried Away", the new song from Canadian indie veterans Sloan (@Sloanmusic)
DJ Shadow has released a free EP to celebrate his new imprint Liquid Amber
Michael Cera Releases Solo Album on Bandcamp
The online chart that ranks rappers by vocabulary size has been updated; @AesopRockWins is still #1
@Lollapalooza Rolled Out #Cashless Wristbands
@ThurstonMoore58 forms new band with Steve Shelley, My Blood Valentine's Debbie Googe
All nine members of @WuTangClan reunited last night on @TheDailyShow
Stream @superdrag_sound's rarely heard LP, 'Head Trip In Every Key', and new demos collection 'Jokers W/ Tracers'
"The Mexican #Morrissey" on #Latino culture's love for #theSmiths
#Morrissey Has Reportedly Been Dropped by Harvest Records
Morrissey was dropped by his record label following his latest critical diatribe
Oh man, I nearly knocked over the PD when I saw him open the promo for @Sloanmusic's new full-length, #Commonwealth!
Aug 11 - 20yrs ago today, on my 17th birthday, I went to #Lollapalooza '94 in Charlotte, NC
Fugazi's first demo will receive its first-ever official release later this year
Culture Club's original lineup will reunite for the first time in 14 years
Jarvis Cocker joins campaign to broaden appeal of orchestral music
Nine-Year-Old #Pulp Fan Wins #JarvisCocker-Judged Karaoke Contest
Death Cab For Cutie finish eighth album, announce departure of Chris Walla
Soundtrack for Guardians Of The Galaxy is now the No. 1 album in the country
Mitch Easter reunites Let’s Active for first performance in 24 years
Don't 'Panic' in the streets of London: #Morrissey Wasn't Dropped by His Label @Harvest_Records
Rockin' out to @EMAthorstar @musicfestnw #mfnw

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode121 - #FleshWar

Sun, 2014-08-03 13:52

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode121 - Flesh War which features brand new sounds from Total Control, Spoon, The Crookes, J Mascis, The Black Angels, Courtship Ritual, Shabazz Palaces, The Acid, Luluc, Gary Bartz and Ron Carter, Cyril Pahinui, Gustavo Santaolalla and Blooper...


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♬Liner Notes♬: Holy moley, it's already August and we've got Pickathon and the Lips here in Portland, Lollapalooza in Chicago and new music from all around the globe - right here on PUTV! Ep121 rocks with Total Control, Spoon, J Mascis, Shabazz Palaces, Black Angels, Luluc and even some world-class neo-classical sounds... Now let's have a "Flesh War"!

Total Control
"Flesh War"
'Typical System'
Iron Lung, 2014
Notes: "A lot of bands like to say they pull from classic 80s post-punk and new wave, but in recent years, there’s no record that has pulled it off quite like Total Control’s Typical System. The Australian post-punk band’s LP is an eclectic mixture of post-punk sounds, ranging from danceable, synth-heavy dance numbers to Public Image-type punk throw-downs." They may be from Melbourne, but their label is based in Seattle...

"Rent I Pay/Do You"
'They Want My Soul'
Loma Vista, 2014
Notes: "The last time Spoon released an album, 2010’s Transference, they had just been named Artist of the Decade by Metacritic... Transference’s successor, They Want My Soul, has been heralded as Spoon’s push for a full-blown mainstream breakthrough. Quite aside from the new label, there is the use of external producers in the shape of industry veteran Joe Chiccarelli and alt-rock go-to-guy Dave Fridmann, and a more straightforward radio-friendly heft you can hear in the melodies of Do You... given the audible debt of Daniel’s vocal style to that of Elvis Costello, opener Rent I Pay’s resemblance to Uncomplicated, the pounding, relentless opener of Costello’s 1986 album Blood and Chocolate, seems like a knowing nod..."

The Crookes
"Don’t Put Your Faith In Me"
Modern Outsider, 2014
Notes: "Listening to the Crookes can often feel like a game of spot the influence, UK Edition. Fortunately, the Sheffield group’s tastes and influences skew to the impeccable, crafting exceptional indie pop heavy on hooks and possessing exemplary lyrics... “Don’t Put Your Faith in Me” is incessantly catchy guitar pop with a harder edge underscored by a lyrical innocence generally more associated with indie pop. Like just about everything else here, its melody is hummable, hook-y and catchy as hell..."

J Mascis
"Every Morning"
'Tied To A Star'
Sub Pop, 2014
Notes: "Much like his debut, 2011′s Several Shades of Why, the new album boasts a strong supporting cast, including Pall Jenkins (Black Heart Procession), Mark Mulcahy (Miracle Legion), and Chan Marshall (Cat Power). An exciting edition to the line-up is musician Ken Maiuri, who has not only toured with Mulcahy and Pedro The Lion, but also accompanies the New England senior citizens choir, Young@Heart Chorus. And much like his debut, Tied to a Star features Mascis turning down the amps from eleven, and showcasing his exquisite songwriting."

The Black Angels
"An Occurrence At 4507 South Third Street"
'Clear Lake Forest' EP
Blue Horizon, 2014
Notes: "The Black Angels are no strangers to the kaleidoscopic heritage of their native Austin, Texas, and on ‘Clear Lake Forest’ they paint a psychedelic rainbow across a host of ’60s American icons... The Black Angels’ psych scholarship pays dividends here." This seven-track EP was originally released on Record Store Day '14. Also, we heard two tracks from their last full-length on Episodes051/054.

Courtship Ritual
"Kingdom of Beauty"
Godmode, 2014
Notes: "Courtship Ritual can do more with a bass, synth, and drum machine than a lot of bands can do with twice as much gear. The Brooklyn duo...takes simplicity and minimalism to dizzying heights on its debut album, Pith. Recalling like-minded acts such as Beach House or the xx... the arresting “Kingdom of Beauty,” which rides a bubbling bass line as its melodic center before shifting into a full-on summer party song almost halfway through its short running time."

Shabazz Palaces
"They Come in Gold"
'Lese Majesty'
Sub Pop, 2014
Notes: "The first hip-hop crew signed to the Sub Pop label, Shabazz Palaces is the brainchild of Ishmael "Butterfly" Butler, although the Digable Planets member wasn’t so quick to admit it... [Sub Pop] signed the project, releasing their debut album, Black Up, in 2011. Next, it transpired that Tendai Maraire — son of the famous mbira player Dumisani Maraire — was responsible for most of the instrumentation on that record and that Shabazz Palaces was, in effect, a duo." We heard from Shabazz Palaces almost two and a half years ago on Episode005.

The Acid
Mute, 2014
Notes: "Even if they're not billed as a supergroup, the Acid's three members boast a formidable amount of talent (and other projects)... the trio's full-length debut, Liminal, is remarkably restrained in its ever-shifting balance of indie, dance, and R&B... "Fame," with its beautiful juxtaposition of fizzy warmth and cool tones, might still be the Acid's most immediately engaging song."

"Without a Face"
Sub Pop, 2014
Notes: "In a world where instant gratification is the norm, patience has become a rare commodity. But for Zoë Randell and Steve Hassett, who make up indie-folk duo Luluc (pronounced Loo-LUKE), letting things unfold in due time not only defines their career trajectory, it also works as a pretty good description of their approach to making music... 
There’s no question that everything these Australians (who split their time between Melbourne and their adopted hometown of Brooklyn) have done in their lives has been leading up to this summer’s Passerby, their second album..."

Gary Bartz and Ron Carter
"Cello Suite No. 1"
'Red Hot + Bach'
Sony Masterworks, 2014
Notes: "The album "Red Hot + Bach," released on June 17, enlisted musicians, DJs and producers to create work inspired by certain pieces of the composer. Ranging from the Kronos Quartet to Julianna Barwick, the artists have created diverse tracks representing the wide-reaching influence of Bach over today’s musical quilt." More specifically, "Jazz legends Gary Bartz and Ron Carter re-imagine Bach's masterpiece "Cello Suite No. 1" with a sublime arrangement for bass and saxophone..." Gary's sax and Ron's bass used to play with Miles' trumpet!
(#GaryBartz & #RonCarter)

Cyril Pahinui (PAH-we-new
'Kani Pu Kolu'
Pahinui, 2013
Notes: "Iconic Hawaiian slack-key guitarist Cyril Pahinui pays tribute to his heritage with a gorgeous recording. Today's Top Tune commemorates 20th century steamboats that transported passengers, sugar and cattle to the islands. It's called "Kawaihae"."

Gustavo Santaolalla
Sony Masterworks, 2014
Notes: "Fans of film have definitely heard the music of Gustavo Santaolalla, either in Brokeback Mountain, one of two film scores for which he's won an Academy Award, or the films of Alejandro González Iñárritu (Amores Perros, 21 Grams, Biutiful and Babel, for which he won his second Oscar). He's also won over a dozen American and Latin Grammys and been nominated for an Emmy, making him a legitimate EGOT threat as his career continues. Camino is his first collection of solo music since 1998's acclaimed Ronroco... the 10-stringed instrument with which he's the most often affiliated."

"Tinted Windows"
'So Very Small' EP
Jigsaw, 2014
Notes: "Whether it be their psychedelic dalliances or garage-rock flourishes, up-and-coming Seattle-based trio Blooper, with the release of their debut EP in early July, have created a blend of tracks with a driving force of its own, illustrating that Seattle’s still a powerhouse for dirty DIY rock ‘n’ roll... With “Tinted Windows” their characteristically fuzzy and unfiltered, 60s-inspired sound shines right through and the result is a sweet, three-minute morsel that displays their current prowess and future plans. In summation, the grungy feel of Today’s Song of the Day’s a perfect track to get you through those sweaty, heavy August nights."

This week's B-sides: Twin Peaks, The Rosebuds, Broncho, Nick Waterhouse and Hollow Boys

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
Watch the "We Are Siamese" video by Superdrag members John Davis & Brandon Fisher's shoegaze band @TheLeesOfMemory
Watch Conor Oberst perform "Hundreds of Ways" on "Letterman"
One Direction's Zayn Malik gets death threats after #FreePalestine tweet
#AlbumOfTheDay: @JennyLewis - '#TheVoyager' "depressive/celebratory yin-yang that exemplifies her welcome return"
#AlbumOfTheDay: @ShabazzPalaces - 'Lese Majesty'
#AlbumOfTheDay: Courtney Barnett (@courtneymelba) - 'Spotify Sessions'
@DamonAlbarn: New @BlurOfficial album may just be one of those records that never comes out
#MediaMatriarchy: @Sia hides her face and scores first @Billboard No. 1
@porterrobinson Conquered EDM, and Now He Wants More
One person died, 20 others were hospitalized after attending last night's Mad Decent Block Party
Three decades after the release of 'Ride the Lightning,' Metallica look back at the making of their defining LP
Hear Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock's stripped-down remix of "Canal" from NYC hip-hop trio Ratking
Blood Orange's @devhynes alleges that he was assaulted by Lollapalooza security
The @lollapalooza 2014 live stream is now on: @Outkast, @ArcticMonkeys, @Skrillex, @Interpol, @JennyLewis and more

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Episode199 - War In Europe, @FBI Forensic Fraud, #NoTechTuesday

Thu, 2014-07-31 18:20 Episode199 -
War In Europe, FBI Forensic Fraud, #NoTechTuesday

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Obama Announces Expanded Sanctions Against Russia as EU Aligns
Ukraine Economy Shrinks Faster as Conflict Takes Its Toll
What Really Happened to MH17? An Open Source Investigation
US May Send Military Aid To Ukraine
Russia: US claims on nuclear missiles treaty unfounded, we have questions too
Russia ordered to pay $51bn over Yukos 'destruction'
Putin Advisor: “There is a war coming in Europe"
After Being Warned 17 Times, Israel Still Bombs Another UN School, 20 Killed This Time
Israel Bombs UN Shelter in Gaza
Libya Is Now Officially a Failed (and On Fire) State As Nations Abandon Embassies
Pentagon Lost Track Of More Than 40% Of The Weapons Sent To Afghanistan

Story #2: FBI Crime Lab Unit Rife With Flawed Forensics
The Mass Incarceration Problem in America
Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept.
Dr. Frederic Whitehurst on the FBI Crime Lab

Story #3: Applebee’s To Ban Tech One Day A Week?
Buffalo, Missouri Residents Vote to End Fluoridation by 70% Margin
Monsanto Begins Compensating West Virginia Victims of Dioxin Exposure
Wisborough Green Becomes First Village in Britain to Fight Off Fracking
California Removes Ban on Bitcoin, Other Alternative Currencies
Jesse Ventura Wins $1.8 Million in Navy SEAL Defamation Case

Visit to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report here and Media Monarchy here. Thank you.

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@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode120 - #RepeatPleasure

Sat, 2014-07-26 18:20

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode120 - Repeat Pleasure which features brand new sounds from How To Dress Well, Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, Bobby Patterson, Twin Peaks, Porter Robinson, Brownout, Tobacco, Hundred Waters, Lust for Youth, Nicole Atkins, Moonrise Nation, Alpha Consumer, Bear In Heaven, Deadmau5 and James Apollo...


Previous: Episode119 - From Now On

♬Liner Notes♬:It's getting hotter and hotter as the music gets cooler and cooler! This week will def be a "#RepeatPleasure" with so many great new tracks from How To Dress Well, the GOASTT, Porter Robinson, Lust for Youth, Deadmau5, Twin Peaks, Tobacco and much more... Turn down for huh?!

How To Dress Well
"Repeat Pleasure" (Radio Edit)
'What Is This Heart?'
Weird World/Domino, 2014
Notes: "Tom Krell emerged a few years ago, releasing murky and mysterious lo-fi bedroom-R&B under the name How To Dress Well. Since then, he’s added more shades and ideas to his sound and become an ever-more fascinating songwriter. His 2012 album Total Loss was an absolutely beautiful piece of work, and he’s just announced that he’ll follow it this summer with “What Is This Heart?”, a follow-up that may well be even better.... a glassy and cascading piece of work called “Repeat Pleasure.”" We last heard from HTDW way back on Episode032 and now it really reminds me of Blood Orange, in a good way...

Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger
"Too Deep"
'Midnight Sun'
Chimera, 2014
Notes: "Sean Lennon's band The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (or The GOASTT) put out their newest album, Midnight Sun, earlier this year and have now made a video for one of its tracks, "Too Deep,"... The song recalls the more psychedelic moments of Sean's father's band, but hey if Tame Impala can do it, why can't an actual Lennon?" We got a double shot from the GOASTT on Episode111 and I just found out the album is produced by one of my absolute favorites, Dave Fridmann!

Bobby Patterson
"I Got More Soul"
'I Got More Soul'
Omnivore, 2014
Notes: "First new studio release in years from iconic Texas writer, producer and recording artist Bobby Patterson...whose body is 70 and whose voice still needs an ID to buy a drink, sounds today just like he did in the mid-1960s, when he was Dallas’ No. 1 soul brother."

Twin Peaks
"Flavor" single
Tripp Tapes, 2014
Notes: "Chicago punks Twin Peaks’ latest single, “Flavor” is brash and bold as lead singer Cadien James’ raw growl is accompanied by a tambourine and mod swagger. Compared to tracks on their full-length debut, Sunken, the boys have amplified their melodic, ’60s sensibilities with intricate instrumentation."

Porter Robinson
"Lionhearted" (w/ Urban Cone)
Astralwerks, 2014
Notes: "Long one of EDM's Next Big Things, enjoying festival billings that belie his slim catalog, Robinson has spent much of his career promising to break with EDM convention... Instead of Robinson's former "complextro" mentor Skrillex, it's Sigur Ros and M83 that loom large..."

"The Wizard"
'Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath'
Ubiquity, 2014
Notes: "Thousands of bands have covered Black Sabbath, but it's safe to say Brownout covers Sabbath in a pretty unique way. The eight-piece Austin band respects the metal icons' melodies and mega-sound ... but gives it a funky twist. Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath reinterprets the classic tunes with a horn section, Latin percussion and some infectious attitude."

"Good Complexion"
'Ultima II Massage'
Ghostly, 2014
Notes: "Ultima II Massage, the latest full-length from Tom Fec's Tobacco project, finds the Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman moving from the gently corroded Technicolor psych-prog of 2010’s Maniac Meat to a full-on barrage of wobbling, low-end-heavy bizarro pop... a zombified mix of Marc Bolan and Prince doused in the industrial scuzz and slime of Tobacco’s customary sonics and executed with puerile glee."

Hundred Waters
'The Moon Rang Like a Bell'
OWSLA, 2014
Notes: "When a loop of the words "I wish you" enters the song "Murmurs," it's completely out of sync. But the delicious moment when the song comes together is Hundred Waters at their best: a band that truly makes music feel like magic. The L.A. group's second album for Skrillex's OWSLA label swaps the cosmic folk of its debut for a more electronic palette..." Hundred Waters just came through town this week, but we last heard them on on Episode039.

Lust for Youth
"Epoetin Alfa"
Sacred Bones, 2014
Notes: "Swedish producer Hannes Norrvide — who performs under the name Lust For Youth... his new album, International, ...title feels like it could be a subtle tribute to Pet Shop Boys, and based on International’s first single, “Epoetin Alfa,” the PSB nod seems even more deliberate."

Nicole Atkins
"Red Ropes"
'Slow Phaser'
Oh'Mercy!, 2014
Notes: "For her third LP, American pop chanteuse Nicole Atkins returned to the Nordic coastal city of Malmö, Sweden where she and her then band the Sea recorded their first album Neptune City in 2006... Johansson's production places an emphasis on the band's bottom end with rich, deep basslines, and rocksteady drums like on the...pulsing "Red Ropes."" The song, "Girl, You Look Amazing," from Ms. Atkins was featured on Episode097.

Moonrise Nation
"Into the Cold"
'Moonrise Nation' EP
Zinc, 2014
Notes: "...the young indie-pop trio from Chicago...signed with Zinc Records, the label founded and owned by producer and Minneapolis native, Bobby Z – who spent a decade as the original drummer, recording and touring with PRINCE for The Revolution... watching the band play live...the Z’Bros were riveted."

Alpha Consumer
"Miss Positron"
Totally Gross National Product, 2014
Notes: "Minneapolis trio Alpha Consumer have strong ties to the local scene, members having collaborated with Bon Iver, Brother Ali, Andrew Bird and others. Their own music tilts toward twitchy new wave rock, unafraid to dip their toes into the cheese at times."

Bear In Heaven
'Time Is Over One Day Old'
Dead Oceans, 2014
Notes: "It’s been a while since we last heard from Bear In Heaven, but the synth psych-rock band led by Jon Philpot is back with their fourth album, titled Time Is Over One Day Old, later this year... now they’ve shared the album opener, “Autumn,” which really drives home what Philpot was talking about when he said the new album was an attempt to strip away layers. This thing is taut, lean, and downright sinister, from the marching drums to the tiny synth shrieks that find their way into the track. If “Autumn” is a new statement of purpose, then we should be listening." We haven't heard from Bear In Heaven since our pilot episode from March 2012!

'While(1 Is Less than 2)'
Astralwerks, 2014
Notes: "Although “While(1 Is Less than 2)” is technically his seventh studio full-length, (DJ Joel) Zimmerman has hailed it as “the first album [he’s] ever done that [he] would even call an album.” Sprawling, ambitious and mostly well-executed, “While(1 Is Less than 2)” may confuse his fan base’s Ultra-attending electro house contingent, but deadmau5’s double album undoubtedly marks his most mature and forward-thinking release to date.

James Apollo
Marterry, 2014
Notes: "James Apollo may be Arkansas-born, but the bluesy singer and composer calls Seattle home. He’s worked with local favorite Damien Jurado, and toured with indie-rock darlings Grizzly Bear and Lord Huron. Apollo released his latest album, Angelorum (latin for “angels”) earlier this year. On the album, recorded at Flora Records in Portland, Oregon, Apollo’s sound takes on a more gritty and unselfconscious feel than before."

This week's B-sides: Dylan In The Movies, Amanda Shires and Owl John

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
Bose Sues Beats for Multiple Patent Infringements
The #Tupac musical failed because @IGGYAZALEA is winning, says @SaulWilliams
James Murphy (@lcdsoundsystem) is scoring Noah Baumbach's new movie While We're young, which co-stars @adrock
#PaulsBoutique turned 25 and @beastieboys are honored with mural at the site of the titular store
Congrats to @mergerecords on 25 great years, who's the #slackmotherfucker now?!
Watch the Queen's Guard play @GameOfThrones theme #music at #BuckinghamPalace
Here's a photo of Jack White (looking miserable) while attending last night's Cubs game
He coaxed Kevin Shields and Elliott Smith out of hiding — how Brian Reitzell became Hollywood's recluse-whisperer
#WeirdAl @AlYankovic earns first No. 1 album, first comedy album to go No. 1 in 54 years. Take that, @BobNewhart!
#AlbumOfTheDay: Weird @AlYankovic - '#MandatoryFun'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @DougBenson - 'Gateway Doug 2: #ForcedFun'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @CutCopy - 'Free Your Mind' (Deluxe)
#AlbumOfTheDay: @TheRaveonettes - 'Pe'ahi'
@theraveonettes surprise release new album Peʻahi. Listen to "Endless Sleeper" and "Sisters"
Listen to @TheRentals new song "1000 Seasons"
7 album to stream: @jennylewis, @tompetty, @ValentinoKhan, @BearInHeaven, @PARTYOMO, and more
See an extensive listing of music's upcoming releases: @jennylewis @spoontheband @Interpol @Sloanmusic!
@TheFlamingLips to Play Free Show in #Portland's Waterfront Park on #Aug3

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode119 - #FromNowOn

Sat, 2014-07-19 22:08

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode119 - From Now On which features brand new sounds from Dead Stars, Tunde Olaniran, Peter Matthew Bauer, Delta Spirit, Tennis, Reigning Sound, Ought, Young Buffalo, New Madrid, Beverly, Garotas Suecas, Seun Kuti and Egypt 80 and THE FAME RIOT...


Previous: Episode118 - Lovely Day

♬Liner Notes♬: What are you listening to in the summer of 2014? I find new favorites every week on PUTV! This week rocks Delta Spirit, Dead Stars, Tennis, FAME RIOT, Seun Kuti and tons more... Let's listen to great music, "From Now On"!

Dead Stars
Old Flame, 2014
Notes: "Brooklyn trio Dead Stars shine bright on their debut release, Slumber, an excellent collection of fuzzed-out ’90s-style guitar rock. Formed in 2009...the band had been self-releasing their music for years until New York label Uninhabitable Mansions stepped in to release their 2013 EP, High Gain. The five-song release caught the attention of Old Flame Records who released their first full-length earlier this summer."

Tunde Olaniran
"Brown Boy"
'Yung Archetype' EP
Quite Scientific, 2014
Notes: "A Nigerian-American raised in London, Germany, and Flint... His approach probably most closely resembles the kitchen-sink genre pastiche and loosely political brio of M.I.A. or...Das Racist... The two-year-old “Brown Boy” might still be Olaniran's most vital offering, though, a thunderous, clattering four-alarm fire of a song... The hook offers a pithy look at racial prejudice that somehow manages to not feel reductive."

Peter Matthew Bauer
"Scientology Airplane Conversations"
Mexican Summer, 2014
Notes: "Liberation!, the solo debut from Peter Matthew Bauer, isn’t All Things Must Pass. It probably won’t pack stadiums, either. Still, it’s an unexpectedly surefooted triumph from the ex-Walkmen organist/bassist, whose admirable contributions to that band were frequently overshadowed by the more visible Hamilton Leithauser and guitarist Paul Maroon." We heard from this ex-Walkmen man a few weeks ago on Episode116, but who could turn down a song with a title like "Scientology Airplane Conversations"?

Delta Spirit
"From Now On"
'Into The Wide'
Dualtone, 2014
Notes: "Delta Spirit are set to release their fourth studio album, Into The Wide, on September 9th via their new label Dualtone Records. Produced by Ben Allen (Deerhunter, Cut Copy), the follow-up to 2012’s self-titled effort is billed as the Brooklyn-via-California band’s “moodiest recording yet”."

"Never Work For Free"
'Ritual In Repeat'
Communion, 2014
Notes: "Denver indie-poppers Tennis have only been putting out records for a few years, but they aren’t wasting any time in cranking out material, and they’ve already announced plans for their third album, Ritual In Repeat, which is due in a few months. As on the 2012 album Young & Old, the band worked with the Black Keys’ Patrick Carney as a producer. This time, though, Carney splits production duties with a couple of other big-name collaborators, Spoon’s Jim Eno and the Shins’ Richard Swift. First single “Never Work For Free” is a peppy, welcoming wash of melody..." We heard two songs from Tennis' 2013 EP back on Episodes087/088. BTW, the new record is due 9/9, the same day a ton of other great new records are coming out.

Reigning Sound
"Never Coming Home"
Merge, 2014
Notes: "Five years since their last, Reigning Sound have returned with a highly anticipated new album and first for new label Merge Records... Opening with/punched up by violins and featuring a driving drum track, "Never Coming Home" sounds perfectly catered for classic rock radio, which is to say the song is a timeless country-inflected, garage-y burner."

"The Weather Song"
'More Than Any Other Day'
Constellation, 2014
Notes: "Ought has been burning with a strong and steady flame since flickering to life in Montreal in 2012... Ought's earnest, stately and exuberant post-punk is dextrous, deliberate, unfussy and fluid, with debts to Cap’n Jazz, The Feelies, Lungfish, Gang Of Four and early Talking Heads... " The Montreal band is also opening up for Dub Thompson this weekend in Minneap...

Young Buffalo
"Sykia" single
Votiv, 2014
Notes: "Oxford, Mississippi - or Ole Miss, as the residents refer to it - is a university town, a place where writers such as William Faulkner...gravitate towards. Young Buffalo are part of this artistic scene, with their summer sunshine songwriting fusing glorious harmonies to power pop melodies. The band's Dave Schiffman produced debut album will be released later this year, with new track 'Sykia' arriving online a few moments ago. Revolving around a glistening guitar riff, there's an intelligence to the songwriting which can't be denied."

New Madrid
New West, 2014
Notes: "Athens, Georgia has a special pull in music history, especially towards the more underground-inclined music fans... New Madrid steps into this daunting legacy, but willfully. The band members moved to Athens from Tennessee and debuted in 2012 with Yardboat. For album number two, this year’s Sunswimmer, the quartet actively analyzed what they liked and disliked about that initial effort and applied it to their songwriting... New Madrid truly lets loose on “Manners,” one of the highlights from Sunswimmer."

Kanine, 2014
Notes: "Dream pop goddess Frankie Rose is a love-em-and-leave-em kinda gal. The super-talent was in the original line-ups for Crystal Stilts, Dum Dum Girls, and the Vivian Girls before taking off and pursuing her solo career. And, now Rose can add the project Beverly to that list... the sparkling debut, Careers...the Pixies-esque garage-pop stand-out “Madora.”"

Garotas Suecas
'Feras Miticas'
Munster, 2013
Notes: "Garotas Suecas, Portugese for Swedish Girls, are an alternative rock outfit from Rio De Janeiro comprised of five men and one woman... Their most recent release, Feras Miticas, is a fresh, jaw-dropping combination of artists like Jamiroquai, Os Mutantaes, Jackson 5, and Sly & The Family Stone. Today’s Song of the Day, part reggae, part funk, and part soft-rock, “Bucolismo,” meaning bucolic in English, is a genre-defying track off of Feras Miticas."

Seun Kuti and Egypt 80
"African Airways"
'A Long Way to the Beginning'
Knitting Factory, 2014
Notes: "Fela Kuti's youngest son has handled his father's esteemed Afrobeat legacy with aplomb, fronting his old band and over two albums adding modernist touches to a fundamentally unchanged format. Third time round the playing is faster and harder, with some wonderfully intricate horn parts, though the production of US jazzer Robert Glasper tends to bury Seun's righteous lyrics..." We heard "IMF", also off 'A Long Way To The Beginning', from Seun and Co. back on Episode112. (And we thank him for the tweet love, too!)

"Try To Be Better"
self-released, 2014
Notes: "This super glitzy duo took third place at last year’s fierce EMP Sound Off! competition [in Seattle], which has brought 13 years of local all-ages artists into the spotlight. Brothers Liz Scarlett and Shazam Watkins of THE FAME RIOT are totally captivating on and off stage... “Try To Be Better”, is all kinds of groovy. Liz and Shazam share lead vocals, or as they say, “lead-screeching” duties."

This week's B-sides: Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Fink, Mesa Inn, Brownout, Marissa Nadler and Trampled By Turtles

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
Neil Young and Crazy Horse Cancel July 17 Show in Tel Aviv
@Nielsen confirms LA radio ratings scandal wider than first thought; @Univision station exec implicated
@Soundwave Focuses On Group Messaging, Playlists In Bid To Be #Music’s Water Cooler
Ed Sheeran named as ‘most important act in black and urban music’
#AlbumOfTheDay: Plastikman (@RichieHawtin) - 'EX (Performed live at the Guggenheim, NYC)'
#AlbumOfTheDay: #Morrissey - '#WorldPeaceIsNoneOfYourBusiness'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @FinkMusic - 'Hard Believer'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @AnnaCalvi - 'Strange Weather' EP
Morrissey's #WorldPeaceIsNoneOfYourBusiness, reviewed
@JennyLewis w/ @AnnaHathaway, @_KrisJStewart, @BrieLarson89 in Drag in "Just One of the Guys" Video
@Drake, @ArcadeFire, @Drake & @Timber_Timbre make @PolarisPrize 2014 short list
Listen: The Drums’ (@thedrumsforever) “Magic Mountain”, their first new song in three years
The Drums (@thedrumsforever) announce their "magic" new album, 'Encyclopedia'
Hear @caribouband go deeper, and higher, with the "Can't Do Without You" extended mix
David Bowie says new music is coming "soon"
R. Kelly says his house music album is on its way
Ron Howard to direct new documentary about The Beatles' early years
Beyoncé, @Eminem, and @IGGYAZALEA lead nominees for 2014 MTV VMAs
Best the @ESPYS ever had: Here are @Drake's finest moments as an entertainer
ICYMI: @Metallica are out of work in their new ad for @SportsCenter
The one that started it all: watch Weird @alyankovic's "Tacky" version of @Pharrell's "Happy," starring Jack Black
The @godhelpthegirl trailer is here — preview the musical from BElle & Sebastian's (@bellesglasgow) Stuart Murdoch

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode118 - #LovelyDay

Sun, 2014-07-13 00:54

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode118 - Lovely Day which features brand new sounds from Sante Les Amis, Bill Withers and Studio Rio, AJ Davila, Elephant Stone, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Corb Lund, Popstrangers, Flyying Colours, EDJ, Bang Data, Mirah, Juana Molina, Genuine Leather, Burgess Meredith and Dana Buoy...


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♬Liner Notes♬: Summer's in full, funky swing and it's getting hotter by the moment - but when you've got new noise like this, it's always a "Lovely Day"! So let's cool off and Pump Up Tha Volume with the newest sounds around by Bill Withers and Studio Rio, CYHSY, Mirah, Juana Molina, Corb Lund and much more!

Sante Les Amis
Nacional, 2014
Notes: "During the last five years, Uruguayan dance punk darlings Sante Les Amis released two promising EP’s, Sante Les Amis and Morning Shine, garnering critical acclaim in their homeland... After two years of silence, the band unleashed upon us the full fury of Sudamericana: an eleven track record where the band demonstrates, not only their knowledge of the new wave/disco punk canon, but their ability to stray beyond their influences to create a sound both fresh and unique in South American rock." Song source KCRW says, "Uruguay’s Sante Les Amis will make their U.S. debut as part of the Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York..."

Bill Withers and Studio Rio
"Lovely Day (Studio Rio Version)"
'Studio Rio Presents: The Brazil Connection'
Sony Legacy, 2014
Notes: "Studio Rio Presents: The Brazil Connection...features fresh, Brazilian takes of familiar American classics featuring the timeless vocals of legendary singers like Bill Withers, Billie Holiday, The Isley Brothers and many others... The Brazil Connection balances the voice of the original performances with the seductive pull of Brazil's most alluring grooves. These are authentic, newly crafted arrangements by Grammy® winning and legendary bossa nova and samba musicians and arrangers."

AJ Davila
"Lo Que No Sera" (w/ Alex Anwandter)
'Terror Amor'
Nacional, 2014
Notes: "Puerto Rico's AJ Davila makes his solo debut with infectious energy and the help of his friend Chilean artist Alex Anwandter on..."Lo Que No Sera" (“What Shall Not Be”)." We heard from AJ a few months ago on Episode107.

Elephant Stone
"Knock You From Yr Mountain"
'Three Poisons'
Hidden Pony, 2014
Notes: "Montreal psych rockers Elephant Stone will release their third full-length album, Three Poisons, on August 26th via Hidden Pony Records. They’ previewed their self-described “creative pinnacle” with the eerily calm title track, and now, they leap from ’60s psychedelics into ’80s New Wave/R&B with “Knock You From Yr Mountain”."

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
"Coming Down" (w/ Matt Berninger)
'Only Run'
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Only Run, both in form and function, is CYHSY‘s return to relevance, excellence even, and one of the best independent rock records of 2014. As if referencing his band’s complex history in the genre of indie rock, Ounsworth invited the National‘s singer, Matt Berninger, to perform guest vocals on lead single, “Coming Down”." We heard "As Always" from the new CYHSY record last month on Episode114.

Corb Lund
"Counterfeiters’ Blues"
'Counterfeiters’ Blues'
New West, 2014
Notes: "On very short notice, Americana and Canadian Roots artist Corb Lund was given the chance to record an album at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, TN. There were two challenges, it would be filmed for a CMT-TV special and he had two days to record. Taking advantage of Sun’s recording live-off-the-floor nature, Corb recorded Counterfeit Blues - an electric, raw and pure homage to the sound of Sun Studios."

"Country Kills"
Carpark, 2014
Notes: "Last year, New Zealand band Popstrangers moved to London and put out a pair of songs to mark that change in their lives. One of those songs was called “Fortuna,” and though the song doesn’t appear on the band’s newly announced album, Fortuna, that single seems to have been an indication of where Popstrangers are headed. So where are they headed? New single “Country Kills” pushes them into even more lush and melancholic territory, without sacrificing any of their pop bounce."

Flyying Colours
"Not Today"
'Not Today'
Shelflife, 2014
Notes: "Fans of shoegaze might feel a pleasant familiarity upon hearing the first moments of “Not Today,” but those melodic vocals enclosed in a warped mass of guitar and drums aren’t My Bloody Valentine or Ride, they’re Melbourne’s Flyying Colours. Not Today will be the band’s debut full-length, following their 2013 EP."

"Lose It All, All The Time"
Easy Sound, 2014
Notes: "As the frontman for the Fruit Bats, Eric D. Johnson wrote sunny folk-pop songs with a psychedelic vibe. After the band’s demise last November, Johnson has gone solo under the alias EDJ and is striving to break away from that happy-go-lucky sound."

Bang Data
"Bang Data"
'La Sopa'
Rockolito, 2012
Notes: "Incorporating bilingual lyrics and a heavy beat, Bay Area MC Deuce Eclipse and producer Juan Manuel Caipo throw ska, samba, cumbia and hip hop into the mix..." Another great band featured at LAMC, the Latin Alternative Music Conference, which wraps up today in NYC.

"24th St."
'Changing Light'
K, 2014
Notes: "Mirah has come a long way in terms of refinement as her songwriting muse grew from the dog-eared D.I.Y. indie folk of her early days into subdued masterpieces... Fifth album Changing Light comes five years after her last proper solo album, (A)spera, and also follows a particularly harrowing breakup. The passing of time and the process of separation that starts with sadness and transforms into seething anger can be heard all over Changing Light."

Juana Molina
'Wed 21'
Crammed Discs, 2013
Notes: "On Argentina's Independence Day [July9] we check in with Juana Molina. On her latest album, the Buenos Aires-based artist fuses folk with electronic loops, as you can hear on..."Ferocisimo" (or “Most Ferocious”)." PopMatters says, "Constructed from looping bass lines, whirring guitars and keyboards, and her enigmatic, murmuring voice, this latest collection of songs from Argentina’s premiere electro-folk songstress is a glorious mess of sound... Wed 21 represents a thoughtful continuation of 2008’s Un día, which traveled similar soundscapes, equally littered with looping fragments and weirdly juxtaposed rhythms." It's also another "Best of 2014" contender album AND she's playing a free Summerstage show in Central Park NYC as we speak!

Genuine Leather
"The Viper"
self-released, 2014
Notes: "The best kinds of pop songs are over before you want them to be, leaving you desperately wanting more. This is the kind of approach that Austin’s Genuine Leather takes on its second release, Losers. While their self-titled debut felt tentative and the 2012 EP Crude Magic more than lived up to its name with a scruffy, lo-fi charm, Losers feels fully-realized, delivering hook after hook in concise blasts. One of these blasts is the leadoff track “The Viper.” Over a tightly coiled beat, the song cycles through some high-octane power-pop riffs, nodding towards Spoon, Guided By Voices, and Cheap Trick. The only bad part? It’s all over in just 120 seconds."

Burgess Meredith
"Me As In You"
'Banana Moon' EP
self-released, 2012
Notes: "Austin’s Burgess Meredith open[ed for the Polyphonic Spree in Austin last week]... Formed in 2010, the group’s members have spent time with the Lemurs and the Polyphonic Spree, taking their name from the actor who popularized the Penguin in the campy Batman TV series of the 1960s. Likewise, Burgess Meredith (the band) takes its cues from the ’60s, matching colorful keyboards with airy girl-guy harmonies. They’re sharper than a lot of ’60s-derived garage groups, spiking their songs with darker passages (akin to Of Montreal). While hard at work on a follow-up, we’re offering a cut from their 2012 debut EP Banana Moon as today’s song of the day–the twisting-and-turning “Me As In You.”"

Dana Buoy
'Preacher' EP
Middle West, 2014
Notes: "For your go-to catchy summer song, look no further than Dana Buoy’s ”Preacher”. Staying true to his name, Dana Buoy (a.k.a. Dana Jansson) lifts your spirits with the first synth notes of the title track off of his upcoming EP, Preacher. It’s the Portland-based artist’s first release since his solo debut, Summer Bodies, in 2012. We may know Janssen as Akron/Family’s drummer..."

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