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@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode116 - #HoldTight

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♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode116 - Hold Tight which features brand new sounds from FM Belfast, Conor Oberst, Liam Bailey, Sinkane, Meshell Ndegeocello, Peter Matthew Bauer, Hamilton Leithauser, Dub Thompson, Happyness, Pete Molinari, Atmosphere, Tom Vek, Har Mar Superstar and Say Hi...


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♬Liner Notes♬: Another stellar batch of world class music from PUTV! We've got Sinkane, Conor Oberst, two former Walkmen, more Atmosphere, Meshell and Har Mar + plus the latest and greatest new sounds around!

FM Belfast
'Brighter Days'
World Champion/Record, 2014
Notes: "When Iceland wants to party, there are few bands who can get a room jumping faster than FM Belfast. The merry band of friends began about nine years ago... On each of their three records, including the recently released Brighter Days, they’ve chosen the lighter path of EDM, turning disco and other retro stylings toward an updated and constantly upbeat brand of electro-pop. As on today’s featured song, Everything, their lyrics, carefree but not careless, ask only the slightest bit of your attention before letting you throw your hands in the air and jog in place like you’re in a manic Jazzercise commercial."

Conor Oberst
"Zigzagging Toward The Light"
'Upside Down Mountain'
Nonesuch, 2014
Notes: "On his latest solo album, 34-year-old Conor Oberst, the former Bright Eyes frontman, conjures up the weighty metaphors and heartfelt insights that his uniquely wavering, perpetually raw voice was made for... his extensive discography as a member of multiple bands, co-founding of Saddle Creek and Team Love records, and twenty plus years of work in music that distinguish him... Oberst’s second track from Upside Down Mountain, the upbeat and airy “Zigzagging Toward The Light,” is full of his particularly elaborate imagery." We heard from Bright Eyes & First Aid Kit way back on Episode006.

Liam Bailey
"On My Mind"
'Definitely Now'
Sony, 2014
Notes: "British singer-songwriter Liam Bailey has popped up in all sorts of interesting places throughout his short career. There was his time spent in the hip-hop collective 1st Blood, which resulted in an album on trip-hop pioneers Tricky’s now-defunct label... Bailey befriended the late Amy Winehouse, who started encouraging his more soul-flavored songs. A pair of EPs in 2010 showcased Bailey’s writing alongside covers of Etta James and the Smiths. Now comes Bailey’s proper solo debut, the fittingly-titled Definitely Now. Out August 19, the album synthesizes all these disparate influences through Bailey’s love of classic R&B and reggae. He brings a little Winehouse-like darkness to his songs, especially on the leadoff track “On My Mind.”"

"Hold Tight"
'Mean Love'
DFA, 2014
Notes: "Sudanese singer Ahmed Gallab, aka Sinkane, has a striking-but-soothing falsetto. On “Hold Tight”, the new single from his upcoming album Mean Love, it’s particuarly stunning. Here, the David Bryne-collaborator nails piercingly high notes over spacey guitars, warm and funky bass, and airy synths."

Meshell Ndegeocello
'Comet, Come To Me'
Naïve, 2014
Notes: "If you don’t know who Meshell Ndegeocello is by now, you’re missing out... Comet, Come to Me has some brilliant pieces to it that would do nicely alongside some of her best work... the impossibly fantastic lead single “Conviction”, a song so heart wrenchingly moving, simply delivered and poignantly conveyed that the rest of the album has an impossibly high barometer of excellence to reach." We heard Meshell's cover of Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" back on Episode029.

Peter Matthew Bauer
"You Are the Chapel"
Mexican Summer,2014
Notes: "When you notice that Liberation! is the title of Peter Matthew Bauer’s debut solo album, such questions will inevitably arise. What’s he got to be liberated from, apart from 13 years as a member of The Walkmen? “That’s not it at all,” says Peter of his tenure in the beloved NYC band, which has now run its course. “We’re all friends,” says Bauer. “But it was time to call it a day.” Rather, Bauer uses Liberation! as an opportunity to welcome the rest of the world into his personal history of a childhood spent living in ashrams, and a life shaped by the constant presence of religion and mythology amidst uncertainty. It’s a bold, bracing collection of songs for the mind, body and spirit with the power to grab you and shake you out of your environment." "You Are the Chapel" is his debut solo album's closer that seques quite nicely into the second cut off his old lead singer's debut solo album...

Hamilton Leithauser
"The Silent Orchestra"
'Black Hours'
Ribbon, 2014
Notes: "Before The Walkmen announced an “extreme hiatus” last year, the New York City-based outfit was six solid albums deep, and had long staked a claim as one of the most consistently great bands of the past decade... While The Walkmen parted ways at the top of their game, three of its members wasted no time embarking on their solo careers. Frontman Hamilton Leithauser’s debut, Black Hours, is the second of these solo offerings, along with multi-instrumentalist Walter Martin’s We’re All Young Together and bassist and organist Peter Matthew Bauer’s forthcoming Liberation! While Martin gears his breezy folk tunes toward children and Bauer sticks to his indie-rock roots, Leithauser takes a different direction. Using The Walkmen’s predilection for vintage arrangements, he goes back even further with a jaunty collection of songs that pay tribute to crooners like Frank Sinatra without feeling dated."

Dub Thompson
"No Time"
'9 Songs'
Dead Oceans, 2014
Notes: "With their latest track “No Time”, the California-based duo trades their proto-punk sensibilities for scratchy, lo-fi pop. Featuring a slinking organ, a gliding bassline, and the repeated refrain, “Baby, you’ve got no time for love,” the song may lack the bursting intensity of its predecessor, but more than makes up for it with tight, earworm hooks."

"Leave The Party"
'Weird Little Birthday'
Weird Smiling, 2014
Notes: "London trio Happyness might have adapted their sonic template from American college/indie rock bands like Pavement, Rilo Kiley and Sparklehorse, but the wit and lyrical context of their music is all British. Songs on this impressive debut album are lovely but droll; equally capable of making you feel fuzzy and anxious... Ultra-lo-fi, but an album nonetheless stuffed full of rich melodies and arch lyrical observations."

Pete Molinari
"Hang My Head in Shame"
Clarksville/INgrooves, 2014
Notes: "Pete Molinari...continues a longstanding tradition of British musicians turning a fascination with American blues and rock into something uniquely compelling. The singer-songwriter's new track, Hang My Head in Shame...builds from a driving bass riff, with piano then guitar adding emphasis to its blues-rock groove. Hang My Head in Shame appears on Molinari's forthcoming album Theosophy, due June 3 on Clarksville Records/INgrooves in the U.S. The album, Molinari's fourth, features guest appearances from the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Little Barrie's Barrie Cadogan."

Rhymesayers, 2014
Notes: "Welcome back to the world of Atmosphere, the carefully-crafted, snug world that Slug and his producer-in-crime Ant have cultivated over 20 years in the game. Southsiders, the duo’s eighth official studio album—despite numerous EPs and a compilation or two that were expanded into album releases, it’s their eighth official full-length—is the latest installment in the discography of one of the most consistent underground artists that hip-hop has ever seen, and it follows the formula that they’ve maintained throughout their releases since 1997′s Overcast introduced them to the world outside their hometown of Minneapolis." We heard "Bitter" from Atmosphere back on Episode112.

Tom Vek
"Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)"
Moshi Moshi, 2014
Notes: "The British new waver Tom Vek has never stopped cranking out his jagged, herky-jerk pop music, and he’s just announced plans to follow up 2011′s Leisure Seizure with a new album called Luck. First single “Sherman (Animals In The Jungle)” has a deadpan vocal and a feverish groove, and it blasts on ahead like 2005 never ended."

Har Mar Superstar
"Tall Boy" (Live on The Current)
'Beer EP'
MPR/Schell, 2014
Notes: "Sean Tillmann's Har Mar Superstar has long retained a rabid fanbase eager to see his on-stage schtick: stripping down to his undies accompanied by retro beats from his MiniDisc player. In the past several years, Har Mar's profile has continued to rise, especially with the support of well-regarded musicians and actors. Now he's pulling a 180 and going the funk and soul direction for his best album yet." Now we've heard the Actual Wolf, Cactus Blossoms and Caroline Smith cuts from the 'Beer EP' - there's only two left that we haven't spun! Can't wait? Download it all thanks to The Current.

Say Hi
"Figure It Out"
'Endless Wonder'
Barsuk, 2014
Notes: "KEXP has been greeting local [Seattle] artist Say Hi for a long time, even going back to the mid-2000s when he recorded under the name “Say Hi to Your Mom.” Behind the friendly welcome is one man: home-recording wizard and multi-instrumentalist Eric Elbogen. He describes his eighth and latest album, Endless Wonder, as “a record about the presence and absence of love, in every flavor imaginable [that] will very likely cause your butt to wiggle.”" I always thought "Say Hi To Your Mom" was a terrible band name when I was spinning them at WSHC back in those mid-2000s... Different is better!

This week's B-sides: Fresh & Onlys, Madisons, Melanie De Biasio, Ben Frost, Nick Hakim and Bahamas

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
Influential R&B singer-songwriter #BobbyWomack dies at 70
#BobbyWomack had the lead cut on Episode012 of @PumpUpThaVolume back in June 2012
Remembering #MichaelJackson, Five Years After His Death
RIAA chairman says, 'US music licensing laws 'arcane and dysfunctional'
@Chromeo announce #FrequentFlyer tour, sponsored by airline that probably doesn't exist
I'm going to @djshadow at Roseland Theater/Grill in Portland, OR - Oct 7
Dean Wareham makes a rare stop in PDX tonight. Making the owls seem real. @bunkbar @WarehamDean
#JackWhite performs w/ @TheKillsBand, gets plug pulled, keeps playing anyway at show in #Dublin
Mos Def allowed back in America for surprise appearance at Dave Chappelle’s Radio City show
Brooklyn rapper Ra Diggs convicted of three murders after music videos used as evidence
@Avicii's Boston concert leaves 36 fans hospitalized
Death Cab For Cutie, The New Pornographers, and Thurston Moore to play Canada's @Rifflandia Music Festival
@SheAndHim have left @MergeRecords for @ColumbiaRecords, where they'll release a new album this fall
Filter Magazine will cease publication this summer
@idislikestephen chose @thenotwist's fizzy 'Kong' as his favorite song of 2014 so far!
@TheBasementJaxx return with Junto, their first LP in five years
Sonic Youth's @KimletGordon and members of Arcade Fire have contributed to a new short film
Martin Scorsese and @MickJagger's HBO show casts 'Sopranos' and 'Boardwalk' goons as '70s music industry creeps
Eddie Vedder (@PearlJam) and @Pharrell are invited to join the Oscars academy
Robin Thicke’s Paula Is Pitiful, But Don’t Pity Him
Unreleased performances from @blurofficial, Pulp, Suede and more to surface on a new compilation 'Britpop at BBC'
Glastonbury festival 2014 is officially open
Watch #Glastonbury 2014 Performances From @LanaDelRey, @ArcadeFire, @ParquetCourts, @Chvrches, & More

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

Chinese Pi

This Is Hell -

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week http://bananapi.org Move over, Raspberry pi!  The long march towards the Single Board Computer (SBC) revolution has been joined by this China based org clone, with way more CPU and memory, and compatible with the bulk of Raspberry pi stuff.   Let a hundred SBCs bloom.

Tomorrow on This is Hell!

This Is Hell -

Human rights as an idea / One bank to rule them all / How Mexico's drug war began - Listen live tomorrow from 9AM - 1PM Central

@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode115 - #Believer

Media Monarchy -

"♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫" on Episode115 - Believer which features brand new sounds from Black Bananas, Guided By Voices, Two Cow Garage, The Antlers, Crystal Stilts, High Ends, Small Black, Old Man Canyon, Caroline Smith, Cilantro Boombox, Cesaria Evora. Beck, Underworld and Kris Orlowski...


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♬Liner Notes♬: A little behind schedule but still ready to rock becuase we've got updates from longtime PUTV bands, a ton of singles, live throwbacks from some legends and just your usual well-rounded mix of the best damn new sounds around... Thanks for listening!

Black Bananas
"Physical Emotions" single
Drag City, 2014
Notes: "Black Bananas (aka Jennifer Herrema, formerly of Royal Trux) is becoming very active in 2014 after a few years of silence. First we heard her crazy remix of Liars’ “Mess On A Mission,” and now she’s announced a new album. First single “Physical Emotions” features her singing through warped filters that bounce over a thick web of synth melodies that squelch and distort even as they groove." Black Bananas was the third band we ever played on the pilot episode of PUTV!

Guided By Voices
"Bad Love is Easy to Do"
'Cool Planet'
Guided By Voices, Inc. / Fire, 2014
Notes: "Guided By Voices just dropped a new album [in February], but the restless lo-fi heroes already have a successor [to] Motivational Jumpsuit with Cool Planet, an 18-track set that was recorded earlier this year, during the Polar Vortex of 2014...in a single, proper studio, a first for GBV since they reunited in 2010... Guided By Voices have shared "Bad Love is Easy to Do," a Cool Planet cut that thrives on the indie-rock vets' ramshackle chops and vocal back-and-forth between Pollard and Sprout." We heard from Dayton, Ohio's unstoppable GBV back on Episode049. (And I saw Sloan open for them in 99!)

Two Cow Garage
"The Death of the Self-Preservation Society"
'The Death of the Self-Preservation Society'
Last Chance, 2013
Notes: "Noticing the drastic shifts in the music industry, [Columbus, Ohio's] Two Cow Garage got creative with the production of their newest album, The Death of the Self-Preservation Society. Amazingly, the entirety of the recording process (mastering, pressing, releasing, and promoting) was funded by fans via a campaign on indiegogo that raised $16,840, bringing in 40% more than they actually needed." And now they already have new releases in 2014, too!

The Antlers
ANTI-, 2014
Notes: "On Familiars, The Antlers abandon the electronic influences that informed the Brooklyn band’s last full-length, 2011′s Burst Apart, opting instead for an expansive, lounge-jazz feel." Another early PUTV band makes a return as Antlers were last heard on Episode021 in August 2012.

Crystal Stilts
"Delirium Tremendous" single
Sacred Bones, 2014
Notes: "[NYC's] Crystal Stilts have always been masters of building arresting songs around Brad Hargett’s voice — a rich baritone that sounds like Morrissey dreaming about Ian Curtis — first with sparkling post-punk, then with a cinematic take on roadhouse rock ’n’ roll. “Delirium Tremendous,” the band’s new single on Sacred Bones, continues the trajectory toward rollicking open-road music started on last year’s Nature Noir."

High Ends
'Super Class'
Dine Alone, 2014
Notes: "As the frontman for Yukon Blonde, Jeffrey Innes makes classic rock-inspired songs that have had his Vancouver hometown buzzing for years... But last year the group decided to take a break in between albums... Thus, High Ends was born... featuring friends from the New Pornographers, but mostly the spotlight is on Innes... On “Downtown,” the music stutters along at a languid pace, all the better to highlight Innes’ deadpan delivery. It has to be noted that Yukon Blonde was the first band played on PUTV, continuing our theme this episode...

Small Black
"Real People" (w/ Frankie Rose)
'Real People' EP
Jagjaguwar, 2014
Notes: "New York synthpoppers Small Black...release[d] their new EP Real People...and the title track, like first single “Lines Of Latitude,” has backing vocals from fellow starry-eyed synthpopper Frankie Rose." We heard from Small Black back in May 2013 as they gave Episode059 its title track, "Free At Dawn".

Old Man Canyon
"Phantoms and Friends"
'Phantoms and Friends' EP
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Hailing from Vancouver BC, Old Man Canyon is a band that originated from the effort of front man Jett Pace, who managed to update folk and indie-pop influences (think Iron and Wine, Mumford and Sons) to the electric format, not unlike the work of seminal folk-rock pioneers... Phantoms and Friends is a five-song EP that the band has chosen to release for free download via Bandcamp, a good move to spread the word about their music in this day and age where bands of any kind seem to pop out of every corner of the world wide web." OMC is also getting good exposure on TV shows like 'About a Boy and 'Suits'.

Caroline Smith
'Half About Being a Woman'
United Interests, 2013
Notes: "Caroline Smith...brought her much-anticipated new soul band...to play to her largest hometown crowd of the year. With her new album, Half About Being a Woman, out on the same day, the show symbolized the last step in her transition from cute indie-folk darling to bold and sexy R&B frontwoman." So proclaimed #SongOfTheDay source @TheCurrent back in October of last year when the Minneapolis' singer dropped the new full-length.

Cilantro Boombox
"Fears Away" single
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Felix Pacheco wears many hats. The producer/bassist/DJ is a musical sponge, soaking up hip-hop, electronica, and traditional Venezuelan sounds. In 2010, he teamed up with Joe Woullard on a one-off track... That initial collaboration soon blossomed into a productive partnership. Under the name Cilantro Boombox, the duo has ballooned into a band eight instruments strong... Just in time for summer...Cilantro Boombox has dropped a brand-new single. “Fears Away” is a perfect introduction to the group’s mash of styles: reggae, rap, jazz, and salsa all collide..." We heard "Last Call" from CB back in January on Episode094.
(@Cilantro Boombox)

Cesaria Evora
"Miss Perfumado" (Live On KCRW - June 18, 1995)
'Miss Perfumado'
Lusafrica, 1992
Notes: "Singer Cesaria Evora, dubbed the "Barefoot Diva" for often performing without shoes, has died in her native Cape Verde at the age of 70 [in 2011]... Her fourth album, Miss Perfumado, was her breakthrough hit in 1992. It sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide, and resulted in a number of tours. She released 10 albums in all." This week's theme comes courtesy of KCRW's Flashback week with live versions of songs from over the years. (I left out a couple of them out because you should probably know what Radiohead and Flaming Lips sound like...)

"MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack" (Live On KCRW - June 16, 1993)
Bong Load, 1993
Notes: "KCRW was an early supporter of Beck back in '93 and this week we’re celebrating the launch of our brand new website with a flashback to some of our favorite sessions over the years. Music Director Chris Douridas invited Beck to perform live within weeks of his first airplay and "MTV Makes Me Want to Smoke Crack" was a standout..." We heard new music from Beck back on Episode106.

"Always Loved a Film" (Live On KCRW - June 20, 2011)
Cooking Vinyl/Om, 2010
Notes: "It took many months to confirm an MBE appearance by the dynamic duo known as Underworld, but it was worth it! Their 2011 live session with host Jason Bentley was something special. We suggest you crank up Today's Top Tune. It's the dance-floor favorite, "Always Loved a Film.""

Kris Orlowski
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Seattle-based singer/songwriter Kris Orlowski specializes in earthy, honest, emotional, and harmony-drenched folk-pop songs delivered with an eye (and ear) for the cinematic. Orlowski released a handful of well-received EPs before forming the Kris Orlowski Band...in 2010. The group, who have drawn comparisons to artists like Matt Nathanson, Wild Feathers, and Josh Ritter, released their debut long-player, Believer, in early 2014." Sheesh, after last week's fluke, we're back on track with a Pacific Northwest closer...

This week's B-sides: Radiohead and Flaming Lips

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
NWA Biopic Casts Its Dr. Dre, Eazy-E
DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist will tour this fall using only Afrika Bambaataa's records
In the latest episode of Masterpiece Reviews, we revisit @JanetJackson's Rhythm Nation 1814
Now you can stream a lost album from Aphex Twin
RIP #GerryGoffin: Legendary Lyricist Who Penned More Than 50 Top-40 Hits Dies At 75
Lana Del Rey's '#Ultraviolence' takes UK Number One spot in Official Albums Chart
Review: @LanaDelRey beats the Internet, nods to Pink Floyd on 'Ultraviolence'
Watch @PearlJam cover "Let It Go" from Disney's 'Frozen'
The amazing @okgo take us behind the scenes of their new video's wildest illusion
2014's best overlooked albums (so far) from @SturgillSimpson, @Untoldhemlock, and @StoneJackJones
Watch Ezra Koenig, @joshgroban, David Byrne, @BoyGeorge, and @rufuswainwright sing a song from 'Grease'
My Bloody Valentine (@thisismbV) to return to the studio this fall for 'm b v' follow-up EP
Jack White smashes a 20-year-old vinyl sales record set by @PearlJam
Justice have begun work on a new studio album
Twenty five years ago, Public Enemy (@PublicEnemyFTP) told us to "Fight the Power"

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

Tomorrow on This is Hell!

This Is Hell -

9:15 – Journalist Michael Deibert explains how the roots of Mexico’s drug war spread across nations. Michael is the author of In the Shadow of Saint Death: The Gulf Cartel and the Price of America’s Drug War in Mexico.   10:00 – Elvis DeMorrow looks into why so many bankers are making withdrawals from the Read more

#NewWorldNextWeek: Episode197 - #ISIS In #Iraq, #Bergdahl #Biopic, My Little @Dronie

Media Monarchy -

NewWorldNextWeek.com: Episode197 -
ISIS In Iraq, Bergdahl Biopic, My Little @Dronie

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Islamist Militant Group ISIS Takes Hold of Iraq
ISIS Militants Attack Iraq’s Largest Oil Refinery
U.S. Trained ISIS at Secret Jordan Base
“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East
Flashback: US Troops Deploying on Jordan-Syria Border
US Willing to Work With Iran But Officials Play Down Military Talk
ISIS: The Saudis helped create a monster they can’t control in Iraq

Story #2: Bowe Bergdahl Movie in the Works From Kathryn Bigelow, Mark Boal
New Rule on ‘Zero Dark Hurty’
Benghazi Suspect Arrest Sparks Wild Theories From GOP
Will ISIS Plan 9/11-Style Terror Plot Against the US? Let’s Ask the @CIA

Story #3: Hockey Fans in LA Down Drone In Stanley Cup Frenzy
Drone Crash Prompts Vancouver to Review Film Industry Use
Twitter Takes Selfies to the Next Level With Drones

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
Pepe Escobar: The Geopolitics of the World Cup
Duchess of Cambridge Visits Top Secret WWII Spy School Where Her Grandmother Worked
Richard Rockefeller, Son of Globalist David Rockefeller, Dies at 65 in Solo Plane Crash After Father’s 99th Birthday
New Research Says 94% Of All Terrorist Attacks Are Invented By The FBI

Visit NewWorldNextWeek.com to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report here and Media Monarchy here. Thank you.

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Interview w/ Dr. Heather Mendick on 'Celebrity Storylines'

Media Monarchy -

These kids today... Can you believe they care more about Justin, Emma and Kim than Jesus, Judas and Zeus?! Dr. Heather Mendick of CelebYouth.org talks about her recent research project called, "The Role of Celebrity in Young People's Classed and Gendered Aspirations." Is it really all about authenticity - or is it just about ourselves? It's a beautifully complicated mess on Media Monarchy.


@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode114 - Right Time

Media Monarchy -

♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫ on Episode114 - Right Time which features brand new sounds from Nikki Lane, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Los Mundos, Cineplexx, Mr. Scruff, Grace Weber, Thus Owls, Los Waldners, Black Keys, Lê Almeida, Trombone Shorty, Cactus Blossoms, Joseph Arthur and Cold Beat...


Previous: Episode113 - Frequent Flyer

♬Liner Notes♬: We've made it to June and it's time the "Right Time" for changes - so let's ring in the summer style with Nikki Lane, Black Keys, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Joseph Arthur, Trombone Shorty and more!

Nikki Lane
"I Don't Care/Right Time"
'All Or Nothin''
New West, 2014
Notes: "Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach has impressive taste when he chooses female vocalists to produce. From Jessica Lea Mayfield to Grace Potter, Valerie June and now Nikki Lane, he hasn’t missed yet... With Nikki Lane, Auerbach takes her girlish voice and the retro pop/country tendencies she introduced to the world on her 2011 debut, and adds a dose of confidence to the already spirited sound... Songs such as “I Don’t Care” jump out of the speakers like the best Lesley Gore singles... Lane’s sexed up sassy testifying on cuts like the opening “Right Time”...with in-the-pocket production that walks a nifty tightrope between ’60s countrypolitan and ’00s gutsy Americana..." We heard "Seein' Double" from Ms. Lane two weeks ago Episode112.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
"As Always"
'Only Run'
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, a stable five-piece for eight years and three albums, were whittled down to two... [Frontman/producer Alex] Ounsworth’s words are especially tough to distinguish on Only Run, but the first three on opener “As Always” are “I’m too weak,” and that says plenty. His voice, frequently coming through gleaming, synthetic oceans of sound that he washes over the album, sounds alone." 'Only Run' was mixed by my favorite noisemeister, Dave Fridmann.

Los Mundos
"Lentes Mágicos"
SourPop, 2014
Notes: "[Los Mundos], amusingly entertaining songwriters, of Monclova, Mexico have released their scuzzy sophomore LP, Retroterapia and, since their release, we’ve all been able to sample some of the trippy shoegaze our neighboring country has been cranking out. Appealing to both punks and partiers alike, Los Mundos‘ spontaneous sound defies typical convention, choosing to wander into the weird world of the whimsical and surreal... “Lentes Mágicos” translates to “Magical Glasses”..." And they ain't talkin' about prescription glasses either - unless they have an extra lens for your third eye! This is the first of 4 songs this week from KEXP that highlight the Latin alternative scene...

"Te Quiero"
Nuevahola, 2014
Notes: "Sebastian Litmanovich, the master behind Cineplexx , is an Argentinian-native, London-based artist, who’s breaking into the Latin music scene by creating jams which draw influence from Afrobeat, funk, and bossa nova. With guest vocalists, songs sung in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese, Florianopolis, Cineplexx’s fourteenth release, is a collage of language, culture, and genres." Another cutting edge clip from KEXP's Latin spotlight this week...

Mr. Scruff
'Friendly Bacteria'
Ninja Tune, 2014
Notes: "Andy Carthy, aka Mr. Scruff, spins the gamut as a DJ and a producer. He's inspired by those same varied influences and turns them into his unique songs embedded with subtle humor." The Manchester multi-talent says, "I also have my own tea company."

Grace Weber
"Perfect Stranger"
'The Refinery'
PledgeMusic, 2014
Notes: "At age 17, the Milwaukee-born, Brooklyn-based singer earned a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, which culminated in a performance at the Kennedy Center. In 2009, Weber was picked out of 400,000 applicants to appear on Oprah, singing “Natural Woman”...a live set on The Today Show and SXSW “One To Watch” NPR. Even with all the accolades, Weber approached her second album simply. Growing up, she considered Etta James, Dinah Washington, and Lauryn Hill as her “voice teachers,”..."

Thus Owls
"How in My Bones"
'Turning Rocks'
Secret City, 2014
Notes: "Stockholm / Montreal outfit...Fronted by husband and wife duo Erika and Simon Angell, Thus Owls new material follows on from 2010′s visceral Cardiac Malformations and displays a more refined level of song smithery – showcased wonderfully throughout “How In My Bones”. Almost touching upon prog territory, the duo embrace a more organic approach to their craft which sees them at their most accessible to date."

Los Waldners
'Eclipse Total Del Corazón'
self-released, 2014
Notes: "Named after the incomprehensibly great Swedish table tennis player Jan-Ove Waldner, and hailing from San Jose, Costa Rica, Los Waldners are ready to invade the world’s music scene with their infectious pop songs. Borrowing the name from Bonnie Tyler’s hit, Eclipse Total Del Corazón, their stirring debut album, is a collection of songs exploring the theme of love... “Papalotes,” Spanish for “kites,”" is tres in our KEXP Latin numbers...

Black Keys
'Turn Blue'
Nonesuch, 2014
Notes: "Turn Blue, the Black Keys' eighth studio album... "Fever" is a bizarre, knockout union of bar-band grease and Euro-disco concision – Kraftwerk in gas-station overalls. The Keys have been working up to this since their first LP with [Danger Mouse], 2008's Attack & Release. Turn Blue sounds like arrival. "
(@The Black Keys)

Lê Almeida
'Mono Maçã'
Transfusão Noise, 2011
Notes: "Lê Almeida, indie-pop outfit from Rio De Janeiro, is the dominating pioneer of Brazil’s lo-fi grunge rock scene. The twenty-nine year old crafted his own record label, starting Transfusão Noise Records in 2004... Sounding like Blur’s “Song 2,” “Micropontes” possesses a wealth of catchy riffs and hooks... "

Trombone Shorty
"Do To Me" (Live On KUTX)
'For True'
Verve, 2011
Notes: "Trombone Shorty comes from an impressive pedigree. Born Troy Andrews...[he]grew up in the Treme neighborhood of New Orlean’s Sixth Ward, absorbing the sounds of his home. A musical prodigy, the 28-year-old has been playing instruments since before he could barely hold them.... In 2005, and still a teenager, Andrew was asked by Lenny Kravitz to join his touring band... he’s also played with Jeff Beck, Warren Haynes, Galactic, the Dave Matthews Band and the Neville Brothers... “Do To Me” is a perfect example of what Andrews calls “supafunkrock”–taking the traditional and pushing the art form forward into interesting new directions."

Cactus Blossoms
"Change Your Ways or Die (The Buffalo Song)"
'Beer EP'
MPR/Schell, 2014
Notes: "Today's song of the day is from local [Minneapolis] country musicians The Cactus Blossoms. "Change Your Ways or Die (The Buffalo Song)" was recorded live at First Avenue, and appears on The Current Beer EP, which can be downloaded in full by visiting thecurrent.org/beer." We heard Actual Wolf's track from the 'Beer EP' track on Episode111.

Joseph Arthur
"Walk on the Wild Side"
Vanguard, 2014
Notes: "Arthur's words come from the liner notes to his new collection, Lou, a tribute album featuring his interpretation of 12 Reed tracks. Now you can take a listen to Arthur's version of arguably the most classic Reed cut, "Walk on The Wild Side": It's a bit odd at first hearing the track without its signature bass slide and Reed's spry acoustic strumming, but by turning the track into a heaving piano ballad, Arthur gives it a fitting sense of nostalgia for Reed's younger, wilder years."

Cold Beat
'Over Me'
Crime on the Moon, 2014
Notes: "Cold Beat, a new project helmed by Grass Widow bassist/singer Hannah Lew—felt just a tad askew, its itchy rhythms riddled with static cling. "Mirror", the leadoff single from Cold Beat's debut LP Over Me (out July 8 via Crime on the Moon), finds Lew casting dishevelment aside in favor of two-and-a-half minutes of brisk, agile indie-pop, clear as day and jangly as anything."

This week's B-sides: Centro-matic, Ceci Bastida, American Analog Set, Saintseneca and Cumbieros

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
#AlbumOfTheDay: @Craft_Spells - 'Nausea'
#AlbumOfTheDay: #JackWhite - 'Lazaretto'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @NikkiLaneMusic - 'All Or Nothin''
#AlbumOfTheDay: @Saintseneca - 'Dark Arc'
Amazon launches a music streaming for its Prime members with more than a million tracks
Lana Del Rey reveals 'Ultraviolence' bonus track 'This Is Happiness'
Rik Mayall World Cup single breaks into Top 10 of Official UK Singles Chart
Jack White plays 'Temporary Ground' and 'Alone In My Home' on 'Conan'
@Metallica's Lars Ulrich accepted Will Ferrell and Chad Smith's (@RHCPchad) drum-off challenge
Björk’s Biophilia to be adopted by European schools
Watch the first four minutes of the Elliott Smith documentary
Morrissey guitarist on @KRISTEENYOUNG and Tony Visconti (@Tonuspomus): "Good Riddance to False Friends"
Country's classic Charlie Rich-John Denver burn hits YouTube, finally
Smashing Pumpkins part ways with drummer Mike Byrne
Rough first night at @Bonnaroo? Get some advice from: @headandtheheart, @grouplove, @JohnButlerTrio, and more
Chromeo in the #bonnaroo sunset

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

Tomorrow on This is Hell!

This Is Hell -

9:15 – Legal scholar Laurence Tribe explains how the Roberts Court is rewriting the Constitution. Laurence’s book Uncertain Justice: The Roberts Court and the Constitution is available now from Henry Holt.   10:00 – Krys Bigosinski reports from a fishing trip (not a euphemism) next to the Ukrainian border. Krys just got back to the US Read more

@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode113 - #FrequentFlyer

Media Monarchy -

'♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫' on Episode113 - Frequent Flyer which features brand new sounds from Chromeo, Little Dragon, Yann Tiersen, Black And White Years, Secret Sisters, Little Radar, Centro-matic, Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires, Alice Boman, Denney and the Jets, Old 97's, PHOX, My Jerusalem and Kid Smpl...


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♬Liner Notes♬: Another hot week in the world of music and it's up to you to soak it up and feel the love! We've got Chromeo, Old 97's, Little Dragon, Lee Bains, Little Radar and much more... Now let's Pump Up Tha Volume!

"Frequent Flyer"
'White Women'
Last Gang, 2014
Notes: "Chromeo's fourth album has everything from smooth Chic guitar joints to flourishes of Euro hi-NRG and modern dance pop so shiny it could have been produced by Dr. Luke. The Canadian duo's disco revival isn't quite as cheeky as similar efforts from, say, Duck Sauce (co-founded by Chromeo singer Dave 1's little brother A-Trak) – but songs like "Sexy Socialite" are clearly meant as clever fun all the same. Your enjoyment may hinge on whether you hear Dave 1's lines as those of a con man trying to persuade you to like him or an endearingly nervous wreck terrified that you don't." We featured this as an #AlbumOfTheDay this week and I love listening to it - it's cheeky, funk pop mastery!

Little Dragon
"Pretty Girls"
'Nabuma Rubberband'
Because, 2014
Notes: "A rubber band is the perfect picture to fit Swedish electronic outfit Little Dragon. Up to this point, the band has been carving a unique sound that occupies a haunting modern space somewhere between historical influences like Massive Attack and Bjork... Little Dragon’s fourth LP is an unusually organic monster, less of a singular snapshot of the band, and more like a motion capture taken in a darkly lit room. On Nabuma Rubberband, there’s no motif to catch on to and dissect to infinity. Rather, it’s like a beautiful, elusive creature you get to watch for only a moment before it disappears into the dark again." Another #AlbumOfTheDay entry, this new full-length is definitely a slower sound from the Swedish sonic explorers.

Yann Tiersen
"A Midsummer Evening" (Radio Edit)
'∞ (Infinity)'
Mute, 2014
Notes: "The French composer Yann Tiersen has fused rock and classical (or “new”) music since he arrived nearly full-formed in 1995, predating indie rock’s obsession with composerly fare by almost a decade. And his soundtrack to the 2001 film Amelie was probably one of the first that young indie-loving English majors from Florida to Oregon purchased of their own accord... on Infinity, Tiersen’s eighth album, one senses the composer’s subtle attempt to reclaim some of the ground taken by string-heavy behemoths like [Sufjan] Stevens and his contemporaries in the past decade." And I like the Polyphonic Spree sound I hear, too...

Black And White Years
"Embraces" (Live on KUTX)
'Strange Figurines'
Modern Outsider, 2013
Notes: "Having the Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison produce their [2008] debut album has been both a blessing and a burden for the Black And White Years... For album number three, the band sought to combine the quirky pop of their early years with the brash electricity of their live shows. Strange Figurines finds the Black And White Years exploring this territory in an exciting way. They stopped by Studio 1A earlier this year to show off the new album, and today’s song of the day comes from this live session. “Embraces” is delightfully off-kilter, mixing synths and loops with a throwback disco beat–vintage and modern, all at once." Just one of our Austin band's featured this week by KUTX and playing the X Games this weekend...

Secret Sisters
"The Pocket Knife"
'Put Your Needle Down'
Republic, 2014
Notes: "If the 2010 self-titled debut from the Secret Sisters proved that siblings Laura and Lydia Rogers could find success with something traditional, its follow-up, Put Your Needle Down, shows that they aren’t going to stay in anyone else’s shadow... A heavier version of P.J. Harvey’s “The Pocket Knife” is a perfect fit for this album, keeping in line with the scornful, searing original material."

Little Radar
"Coming Clean"
self-released, 2014
Notes: "As far as first tours go, Little Radar’s was certainly memorable. The quartet set out from their Austin home base in 2012, only to arrive in New York two days after Hurricane Sandy... Their travels also took them to Nashville’s Sputnik Sound, where they met Grammy-award winning producer Mitch Dane and decided to turn the recording keys over to him. Altogether, it was a pretty fruitful trip – the band’s third release, last year’s Souvenirs, reflects the whirlwind aspect of that initial tour... Souvenirs standout “Coming Clean” rushes headlong over a pounding rhythm section before screeching into a half-time chorus. The effect is similar to a runaway train, chugging away with power and momentum." Another Austin band playing the X Games this weekend...

"Salty Disciple"
'Take Pride in Your Long Odds'
Navigational Transmissions / Thirty Tigers, 2014
Notes: "Denton, Texas rockers Centro-Matic have...Take Pride in Your Long Odds, the album will be the band’s 11th studio album since their 1997 debut LP Redo The Stacks. To celebrate the release of Take Pride In Your Long Odds, Centro-Matic will also being revisiting their roots by re-issuing Redo The Stacks as a limited edition double vinyl for the very first time. Take Pride In Your Long Odds will [was] released on June 3, and the re-issue of Redo The Stacks will be released next week..."

Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires
"The Company Man"
Sub Pop, 2014
Notes: "Just because you’re about to dive into examining the social and cultural implications one of the United States’ most contentious periods doesn’t mean you can’t do it while kicking out rowdy Southern rock tunes with the amps up to 11 – just ask Birmingham’s Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires... His sophomore outing, last month’s Dereconstructed, is an even louder, deeper look into Bains’, and the American South’s, history that touches on plenty touchy subjects with a lyrical depth that belies Bains’ hand grenade guitar... "

Alice Boman
"Be Mine"
Control Group, 2014
Notes: "Alice Bowman, a young Swedish singer with a powerfully delicate voice - a voice that knows it’s been broken, but that only shows signs of this history cautiously. She sounds like a mother singing a lullaby, like someone weeping up the street, like the hour of midnight struck in your living room. “Hold me close / I don’t ask for more”, Boman sings on today’s featured song, “Be Mine”. Listening to the track, there is a comfort that encircles. It reminds of the joy of knowing that there are great songwriters in the world that many haven’t yet heard of."

Denney and the Jets
"Water to Wine"
'Mexican Coke'
Burger, 2014
Notes: "Chris Denney, main man for Denney & the Jets, seemed to have lived hard young, as stories from the band’s debut, Mexican Coke, feel both young and weary. Denney recorded the album in five days, and the quick turnaround gives these dusty tracks a vibrant life... they’ve got a solid debut to build on."

Old 97's
"Let's Get Drunk & Get It On"
'Most Messed Up'
ATO, 2014
Notes: "On this most Old 97's-ish of Old 97's LPs, the hard-partying twang-punk quartet throw a 20th-birthday bash for themselves. In the tradition of boozy anniversaries, it begins with a victory speech: "Longer Than You've Been Alive" pays tribute to "20 good years of about 25," confessing, "Our jobs are all jobs/And sometimes they suck." Then it's yet another round of airtight songs celebrating life-as-sublime-train-wreck amid music that conjures the British Invasion landing in a Texas barroom. Special guest Tommy Stinson adds a shot of Replacements-style chaos to the mix, notably on "Let's Get Drunk & Get It On" – a balls-out anthem that sums up the 97's religion perfectly." It's the tenth studio record from the boys and I'm glad to add them to the PUTV roster!

Partisan, 2014
Notes: " After releasing the sunny, charming Confetti EP last summer and signing to Partisan Records, the Wisconsin six-piece PHOX has been working on their self-titled debut, which is due out June 24. Now, they've shared a new song titled "1936."...the official tracklist, upcoming tour dates..." Making their third appearance is one of 2014's buzziest bands...

My Jerusalem
"Born In The Belly" (Live on KUTX)
The End, 2012
Notes: "[Austin's] My Jerusalem is one of those bands you must listen to in the darkest hours, their music depending on the dropping away of the sun for it to spread out and breathe. Like Morphine or Murder By Death... the pummeling firestorm of “Born in the Belly”" Like all of KUTX's song this week, they're all rocking the X Games in Austin this weekend...

Kid Smpl
'Silo Tear' EP
Hush Hush, 2014
Notes: "It’s amazing just how much Joey Butler, a.k.a. Kid Smpl, has already done at the early age of 23. He’s signed a deal with Hush Hush Records, run by KEXP’s own DJ Alex Ruder. He’s crafted, recorded, and produced three EPs and three collections of remixes of not only his own music but also those of more popular artists... “Ja,” today’s featured song, momentarily delves into the territory of dubstep, but never does Kid Smpl stay there. He crosses genres in his creative process, blending elements of hip-hop, new age, ambient, and R&B. Scattered throughout the piece, there is chilling white-noise, heavy distortion, and an entrancing synth dalliances."

This week's B-sides: BNLX, Frankie Lee, David Poe and Emily Wolfe

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
Happy 56th birthday, Prince! (@3rdEyeGirl) Thank you for being you
Countries where heavy metal is popular are more wealthy and content with life, according to new study
Beastie Boys have no plans to tour, make new music in the wake of Adam 'MCA' Yauch's death
Monster Energy "strongly disagrees" with verdict in @beastieboys lawsuit
Watch Arcade Fire cover Echo and the Bunnymen's "The Cutter" with Ian McCulloch
Check out the updated itinerary for Lorde's (@lordemusic) upcoming North American tour
Stream Jack White's new album, Lazaretto, in full
New noise from Mastodon, "Chimes At Midnight" single named for Orson Welles' film?
Spoon are releasing a new album, 'They Want My Soul,' in August
#Morrissey Enlists Pamela Anderson for 'Earth Is the Loneliest Planet' Video
Lana Del Rey unveils album title track 'Ultraviolence' live – watch
Listen to @LanaDelRey's new song "Brooklyn Baby"
#AlbumOfTheDay: Swans - 'To Be Kind'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @Chromeo - 'White Women'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @LittleDragon - 'Nabuma Rubberband'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @DevHynes aka Blood Orange - 'Palo Alto' (Original Motion Picture Score)
50 best albums of 2014 so far: @CiboMattoCiboMa, @madlib, @theafghanwhigs, @realestateband, @ScHoolBoyQ
25 Most Anticipated Albums of Summer 2014
Go behind the scenes of @TheFaint's impressive stage show

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

#NewWorldNextWeek: Episode196 - HungerGames Thai Style, Van Gogh's Ear, DIY Internet

Media Monarchy -

NewWorldNextWeek.com: Episode196 -
Hunger Games Thai Style, Van Gogh's Ear, DIY Internet

Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: 'Hunger Games' Salute Used as Protest in Thailand
Thailand Junta: Elections Could Take More Than One Year
The Nation Reporter Taken Into Custody
Thai Media Censored Under Martial Law
Soldiers, Selfies and Martial Law: Thailand's Tourism Industry Suffers

Story #2: Vincent Van Gogh's Severed Ear Regrown, On Display In Germany
Artist Prints Van Gogh's Ear From Family DNA
Solutions: 3D Printing
Star Trek-Style 'Tractor Beam' Created In Scotland
New Technique Could Erase Painful Memories - Or Bring Them Back
Scientists in Netherlands Teleport Quantum Info Across Room

Story #3: German Villagers Build Own Broadband Network
KC Freedom Network
Oakland People's Open
Open Garden
John Oliver's Net Neutrality Rant Crashes FCC Website
NWNW Flashback: No More Net Neutrality?
Flashback: Dead Drops - When US Cyber Command Pulls the Net

Massachusetts Pirate Party Fields First Two Candidates
Citizens of Oberon, Australia Keep Councilors from Starting Fluoridation
Buffalo, Missouri, Stops Adding Fluoride to the Water Supply

Visit NewWorldNextWeek.com to get previous episodes in various formats to download, burn and share. And as always, stay up-to-date by subscribing to the feeds from Corbett Report here and Media Monarchy here. Thank you.

Previous: Bilderberg 2014, Snowden a Spy, Rancourt Railroaded

@PumpUpThaVolume: Episode112 - #SimpleAndSure

Media Monarchy -

'♫Makin' a soundtrack for another planet to hear♫' on Episode112 - Simple And Sure which features brand new sounds from Liars, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, tUnE-yArDs, Misun, Rotary Downs, Lee Fields & The Expressions, D.D Dumbo, Mr Little Jeans, Nikki Lane, Rodrigo Amarante, Nathaniel Rateliff, Seun Kuti and Egypt 80, Atmosphere and Psychic Rites...


Previous: Episode111 - Mental Radio

♬Liner Notes♬: Let's blow out the very merry month of May with a "Simple and Sure" episode featuring The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Liars, tUnE-yArDs, Atmosphere and so much more!

"Mess on a Mission"
Mute, 2014
Notes: "Since 2001, noisy dance-punk producers Liars have been cranking out odd technicalities with the intention of crafting something altogether ground-breaking... after the release of [2012's] transformative WIXIW, Liars have created their thunderously confident Mess, a testament to rejoicing in the messiness of composition and an exploration of the inevitable anxiety in our increasingly chaotic world... the aptly-titled “Mess On A Mission,” from Mess, is a bursting collection of digital soundbites that trill along a squirming baseline."

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart
"Simple and Sure"
'Days Of Abandon'
Fierce Panda, 2014
Notes: "Five years is an awful long time in the world of music, as [NewYork's] The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart can ably demonstrate... long-awaited third album Days Of Abandon [symbolizes] a new found maturity among other things... Recent single 'Simple and Sure' underlines Days of Abandon's pop sensibilities, its killer hook marrying insatiably with lyrics like "I'll never find anyone as absolutely right as I found you"."

"Stop that Man" (Live on KCRW)
'Nikki Nack'
4AD, 2014
Notes: "Whimsical and imaginative artist Merrill Garbus, aka Tune-Yards, gave us insight into her work on a recent visit to Morning Becomes Eclectic and shared new songs including [this exclusive version of] "Stop that Man."" This third album from the Oakland-via-Montreal weirdo sounds like Fiery Furnaces on acid to me and this song is also the Internet's busiest music nerd's least favorite song on the album...

"Eli Eli"
'Kitsuné AMERICA 3'
Kitsuné, 2014
Notes: "Over the past decade, the French label Kitsuné has quietly flooded the market with catchy, critically-acclaimed electronic music. Acts like Hot Chip and Two Door Cinema Club sprang from the label... The label has introduced a lot of their artists through eclectic compilations, and the past few years they’ve turned their eyes on America. Kitsuné AMERICA 3, the third installment, comes out June 3... Based out of D.C., Misun (pronounced “me-sun”) proclaims their sound as “aquawave,” melding electronic elements with a fluid, rubbery dance aesthetic. The trio primarily works one song at a time, presenting each single as a distinct entity. “Eli Eli” mixes a hard-charging beat with guitars taken straight from a lost spaghetti western, all highlighting frontwoman Misun Wojcik’s smoky rasp."

Rotary Downs
"Flowers in Bloom"
Rookery, 2014
Notes: "Rotary Downs is an unclassifiable New Orleans band. Therein lies its greatness, nestled right alongside its obscurity... Traces is an outstanding listen, a collection of meticulously crafted songs played to perfection by a band in complete service to the material."

Lee Fields & The Expressions
"Magnolia" (JJ Cale cover)
'Emma Jean'
Truth and Soul, 2014
Notes: "It’s hard to find another active singer today that has the background Lee Fields does: a first release in 1969, records on thirteen different labels, and close to 45 years of music making, touring, and recording. And with such a seasoned past, it’s amazing that Lee Fields, the North Carolina-native, as a musician and as an artist, is now as busy and as focused as ever... Side A, hear the refreshed cover of the JJ Cale track, "Magnolia," that embodies the late, great American singer-songwriter and the Tulsa Sound he helped create." The full-length 'Emma Jean' is due next month.

D.D Dumbo
"Tropical Oceans"
'D.D Dumbo' EP
Blue Rider, 2013
Notes: "Although Australian Oliver Hugh Perry, who records as D.D Dumbo, has only released one five-track, self-titled EP to date, his material already shows impressive range and cohesion. After all, even when limited to the EP’s 18½ minutes, he manages to use a 12-string guitar and a variety of loop pedals to create an ambiance of dark and nuanced folk that’s enriched even further by layers of exotically mirrored melodies. And just when the listener gets comfortable in the EP’s psychedelic tribal territory, Perry throws in a sprinkling of even more genre-bending elements which might be questionable if they weren’t handled with such finesse... Of course, it’s opening track and single “Tropical Oceans” that seems to capture the essence of the D.D Dumbo sound best." And who did he just finish touring with Down Under? tUnE-yArDs!

Mr Little Jeans
"Good Mistake"
Harvest, 2014
Notes: "Mr. Little Jeans is the musical alias of Norwegian dance-pop singer/songwriter Monica Birkenes. Just after finishing her first set of demos in 2009, Birkenes decided to adopt the Mr. Little Jeans moniker, which is taken from a bit role in Wes Anderson's 1998 film Rushmore. When her cover versions of well-known Beyoncé and Arcade Fire songs launched her into the public eye via YouTube and SoundCloud, Mr. Little Jeans turned to her own music, landing successful spots on popular TV shows like Gossip Girl and movies like Celeste and Jesse Forever and Iron Man 3. Drawing on a synth-based dance-pop style that recalls artists like Kylie Minogue and Lykke Li, she inked a deal with EMI's Harvest Records imprint in 2013. After relocating to Los Angeles to write and record her first album, she released the Good Mistake EP in February 2014, quickly followed by her debut LP, Pocketknife, a month later."

Nikki Lane
"Seein' Double"
'All or Nothin’'
New West, 2014
Notes: "Emergent outlaw Nikki Lane has been flooding the Nashville music scene with her jangly, singer-songwriter blues, garnering critical acclaim for several years now. It may seem like she just stepped in the scene and has already been featured in Rolling Stone, on Country Music Television, on Rhapsody, as well as, of course, KEXP... but she’s since released four albums in the past years, starting with the early, self-released No Room For Cowboys, Walk Of Shame, Gone, Gone, Gone, and, now, the new Dan Auerbach-produced All Or Nothin’, which should firmly mark her claim in Music City... “Seein’ Double,” a poignant track on All Or Nothin’, expresses the darker sides of romance, namely confusion, regret, and mournfulness."

Rodrigo Amarante
Easy Sound, 2014
Notes: "After about a decade-and-a-half playing in Brazilian outfits Los Hermanos and Orquesta Imperial, contributing to Devendra Banhart’s Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon and co-founding Little Joy with The Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti, Rodrigo Amarante is releasing something all his own: Cavalo...on Easy Sound. The Rio de Janeiro native named it after his newfound alter ego of sorts... “Hourglass” is our first taste of the prolific artist’s collection, and it’s a jittery folk-pop cut centered on ponderings about time — it’s “never up nor straight/It turns around and bites its tail in the end” — that are bewildering enough to spark a panic attack, but Amarante’s languid vocals calm like sonic Xanax."

Nathaniel Rateliff
"Nothing to Show For"
'Falling Faster Than You Can Run'
Mod y Vi, 2013
Notes: "Nathaniel Rateliff’s latest studio effort, Falling Faster Than You Can Run, has been a long time in the making. Consisting mostly of songs Rateliff penned on the road over several years, the album is never lacking on intensity—Rateliff’s forceful vocals lend a certain kind of honestly to any performance, and this set of recordings is no different. The album was...finished just before Rateliff set out on tour with Dr. Dog and The Lumineers last fall..." And there's more than a little "I Will Wait" in the Denver-based singer-songwriter's latest track...

Seun Kuti and Egypt 80
"IMF" (Radio Edit)
'A Long Way To The Beginning'
Knitting Factory, 2014
Notes: "Here's the starting point for the story of Seun Kuti: He's the youngest son of Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti. He began playing with his father's band Egypt 80 at age 8 — and took it over upon his father's death just six years later... Even so, it took Seun (pronounced "shay-oon") a while to take up his father's kingly mantle as a solo artist. For one thing, Seun's brother Femi, more than two decades his elder, had already created his own career following the path that Fela blazed. But even more centrally, Seun decided to bide his time until he'd found his own artistic voice. He eventually realized that Afrobeat was both his inheritance and his platform — funneled, however, through a 21st-century prism. His third album, A Long Way to the Beginning, is a solid articulation of that vision." We heard from Seun and Co. way, way back on Episode004.

Rhymesayers, 2014
Notes: "Minneapolis hip-hop duo Atmosphere [released] their eighth studio album, Southsiders, on May 6th via Rhymesayers Entertainment. The follow-up to 2011′s The Family Sign spans 15 tracks, including one entitled “Kanye West”, and serves as the pair’s first new music since last July’s standalone single “Bob Seger”. As our first taste of the album, Atmosphere’s unveiled the lead single “Bitter”. After spending the last few years exploring more introspective territory, Slug’s lyricism returns to the acerbic wit of 2008′s Seven’s Travels, pointing fingers at haters and usurpers with straight-forward, no nonsense rhymes (“You’re so bitter/Cold as a river/In winter”). It’s especially effective over Ant’s production, whose oddball take on ’90s West Coast gangsta rap enhances the inherent mix of playfulness and unassuming intensity."

Psychic Rites
"Alone At Night"
'Psychic Rites'
TBA, 2014
Notes: "Local [Seattle] electronic trio Psychic Rites – who hail from Moscow, Idaho, and currently reside in Portland, Oregon – describe the band as “Neon Doom Disco” and that pretty much says it all. Members Mike Siemens, Dave Miller and Andy Schmidt are currently finishing their debut LP, due later this year, but one thing is for certain: You can expect them to make dark, dance music. In fact, we dare you to not dance along to “Alone at Night.” The song is both fresh and familiar, sugary synth pop with an edge, an element of twitchy, controlled noise. Romantic without being nostalgic, “Alone at Night” is moody and seductive. Before things get too sweet, it goes quirky, cloudy."

This week's B-sides: The Fresh & Onlys and John Fullbright

@PumpUpThaVolume Music News:
Following the Apple buyout, @beatsmusic lowers its subscription fee and undercuts @Spotify in the process
Gifted multi-tasker Jack White puts down @OfficialAdele while dissing @theblackkeys
Mike Patton teases the possibility of new @FaithNoMore music on Twitter #WeWantItAll
Mike Patton actually has the biggest vocal range in popular music (cc @IpecacRec), but @axlrose doesn't mind
Belle and Sebastian (@bellesglasgow) have a whole lot of plans for 2014
Echo & the @Bunnymen return with their new album, Meteorites
Watch @Superchunk perform live on the @Primavera_Sound webcast
Punk Legends X to Play First Four Albums in Full; Set for four straight nights at the Roxy, with special guests
Unseen Andy Warhol films will be live scored by Bradford Cox, Eleanor Friedberger, Dean Wareham, and others
Robyn and Röyksopp discuss mini album, possible tour
#AlbumOfTheDay: @RobynKonichiwa and @Royksopp - 'Do It Again'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @HauntedHearts (aka @DumDumGirls & @KillCrocodiles) - 'Initiation'
#AlbumOfTheDay: Napolian (@NapolianEvans) - 'Incursio'
#AlbumOfTheDay: @TheFaint - 'Doom Abuse'

(Thanks again to our #SongOfTheDay sources at @KEXP, @KCRW, @KUTX, @TheKeyXPN and @TheCurrent. Thanks to @TwilightCircus1 for the bed music - and thank you for listening!)

Take a code break!

This Is Hell -

URL Labs’ Website Of The Week: http://codepen.io/ Codepen is a fun and inspirational collection of code snippets that you can borrow or play with in real time.

Tomorrow on This is Hell!

This Is Hell -

9:15 – The Guardian’s Martin Chulov reports from what might be the last battle for Syria. Martin covers the Middle East for the Guardian. His most recent report is Battle for Aleppo Could Prove Final Reckoning in Syria’s War.   10:00 Live from Stockholm, Mikael Mikaelsson considers the Nordic innovation system. Mikael is currently working Read more

#NewWorldNextWeek: Episode195 - #Bilderberg2014, #Snowden a Spy, #Rancourt Railroaded

Media Monarchy -

NewWorldNextWeek.com: Episode194 - Bilderberg 2014, Snowden a Spy, Rancourt Railroaded
Welcome to New World Next Week - the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Bilderberg Agenda Revealed: Elite Desperate to Rescue Unipolar World
Dan Dicks of Press For Truth and Luke Rudkowski of We Are Change Arrested Covering Bilderberg 2014
Video: Luke Rudkowski and Dan Dicks Arrested at Bilderberg
62nd Bilderberg Conference Taking Place in Copenhagen, Denmark from 29th May to 1st June 2014

Story #2: Edward Snowden: I Was a Spy 'At All Levels'
NWNW Flashback: Snowden, 'Catch-22' And The Dehumanization Of Our Nation
Greenwald Loves Sony, Now That They've Bought Rights to His Snowden Book
NWNW Flashback: CIA Requested 'Zero Dark Thirty' Rewrites, Memo Reveals
With Support of Obama Admin, House NSA Surveillance 'Reform Bill' Includes Gaping Loopholes
WikiLeaks Statement on Mass Recording of Afghan Telephone Calls by NSA
Hacking Case Belies Profitable U.S. Links With China

Story #3: U.S. Activist Cynthia McKinney Seeks New Trial for Denis Rancourt
Denis Rancourt: "Why I Walked Out of The Trial In Which I Am Being Sued"
Petition: Give a Fair Court Hearing to Denis Rancourt

#NewWorldNextWeek Updates:
Government 'Working Closely' With GM Industry to Bring GM Crops to UK
#PDXboil: Largest E.coli "Boil Water Notice" in Portland's History Comes Hours After Voters Reject Creating New 'Independent' Water Board

#GoodNewsNextWeek Updates:
Thousands Joined Portland's Second Annual March Against Monsanto
Video: Portlanders Rally Against Monsanto, GMOs

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