Internet remains dark for students at the Polytechnic in Athens

Resolution from engineering students in Athens condemns internet blackoutToday's resolution from the students of the Polytechneiou is linked to this clipping.

The Internet remains dark for the entire campus of the National Technical University of Athens. After the student radio station and Athens Indymedia were closed last week, students responded by occupying the network operation center on campus, at which point government officials shut down the entire Class B network that connected the university to the rest of the world. They've moved Athens Indymedia to for now.

Today, already Aprill 22 in Athens, we receive this image, a resolution from the Student Association of Chemical Engineering condemning Rector Simos Simopoulos for the blackout they continue to endure. His act violates the free movement of ideas, and subverts the Democratic principles of the University which is supposed to remain a sanctuary of freedom regardless of state politics. They demand the immediate restoration of internet access for Athen Indymedia and their radio station at 98 FM.

If they've got a laptop that can link to one of my servers, they're welcome to stream 24/7. All they need is the password I'll provide and source client software for Icecast. If someone can get this message to them please do. I'm going to start trying right now.

David Roknich


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