NSA worked security for G8 and G20 summits in Canada

The latest Snowden leak was an exclusive to Canadian Broadcasting:NSA prepares for civil protest at G8 and g20 trade summits

"The briefing notes, stamped "Top Secret," show the U.S. turned its Ottawa embassy into a security command post during a six-day spying operation by the National Security Agency while U.S. President Barack Obama and 25 other foreign heads of government were on Canadian soil in June of 2010...

An NSA briefing note describes the American agency's operational plans at the Toronto summit meeting as "closely co-ordinated with the Canadian partner."

This is not the only issue Prime Minister Harper will have in his face will trying to ensure the approval of the secret Trans Pacific Partnership. Redactions in the document released today were negotiated by CBS with the US government to protect any individuals involved. Here's a quote described the NSA's role in event security:

"NSA Support to Event Security (U)
(S/IREL) Relevant SID reporting offices are aware of the Summits and poised to report in a
timely matter intelligence related to the events. While NSA will have no physi al presence in th
TIC, direct coordination will be through the CTMMC and NSOC, who will
 er collaborate with the Special U.S. Liaison Office, Ottawa (SUSLOO) staff and provide thr at warning
directly to the venues. NSA support planning has been closely coordinated wi the Canadian
partner through SUSLOO.
(SIISIIIREL) NSA support to both events may include, but is not limited to: excutive protection
U.S. policy goals, situational awareness, threat information, and local security posture. Reporting
instructions have been published by S12 in "SIOINT Reporting in Support of e 08 and 020
Summits, Canada, June 2010" (ISS-148-10). A SIOINT collaborative workspace has been
established for the 08 and 020 Summits on Extended Shared Enterprise Corporate Server.
(ESECS). See "CASE-201O-99: IIFOUO 08 and 020 Summits in Canada
WikiInfo page 08-020 Canada 20 I 0 has been created for the Summits, and ditional
information may be found at the S17 Economics and Olobal Issues 08/020 website."

The entire document is also available at indybay.org.


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